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The Lumpini Ladies at the Diesel Gym Interclub

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The Lumpini Ladies at a Muay Thai Interclub in London

Rita, Karen, Holly, Emily and Lauren at the Muay Thai Interclub in London

A big well done to Rita, Karen, Emily and Lauren at last weeks Muay Thai Interclub at the Diesel Gym in London.

All four train in both our Ladies Muay Thai classes and jump in with the guys during our regular Muay Thai classes and invite only fighters classes too.

We use interclubs as a stepping stone towards having your first fight. Instead of “thowing people” in the deep-end, they’re the best way to build your confidence, to test yourself and feel what it’s like to have a real fight.

They’re typically a 3 round bout against one one from another club with a referee and corner team. So on the outside it looks and feels like  a real fight. You train in advance for it, maybe for 3-4 weeks depending on how much notice we get, you watch your diet, lose a few kilograms and learn how to deal with the nerves of a contest.
Then you fight.

They’re not 100% all-out fights, there should be an element of control. It’s about learning to put what you learned into practice. To battle-test your techniques in a real situation against a less-tha compliant partner. You have to stay calm, be strong, listen to the advice of your corner team and to the referee who’s there for your safety.

If you or your opponent go “too heavy” the referee will step in and tell you to take it down a notch. If you’re outclassing your opponent, he’ll tell you to take it down a level – to go easy.

An interclub is all about learning. There is no winner or loser at this stage so it doesn’t make sense to “lose it” or “go crazy!”

We run several interclubs here at our gym and travel to local shows locally.

If you’re interested in training for an interclub, let us know. Train regularly and be consistent. Then put your name down for the next “Fight Skool” in the gym.

We post them on our Facebook page and put up posters around the gym in advance — so keep your eyes peeled!

See you in the gym!

How to Eat and Lose Weight at Christmas…

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If you’re looking to keep in shape (or even lose a bit of weight) over the Christmas period it can… be tough.  There’s food everywhere, and for the most part it’s they’re not the healthiest options.

So, what do you do?

A super simple tip is to eat well before you go out.  Now conventional wisdom says you’ll eat twice as much but with a little care (and a lot of listening to your body) you should end up eating less when you go out. And by well I mean lean protein, low G.I. carbohydrates and lots of vegetables (there should be plenty of Brussels sprouts floating around)!

Then you have flexible dieting.

Lets keep it simple and practical.

Say you eat 2000 calories to maintain your weight.  If you’re off out in the evening for a meal and think you’re going to eat 1500 calories — then you make sure you’re breakfast and lunch are only 500 calories.

This isn’t an exact science, and it’s not perfect either BUT if you want to eat when you’re out and enjoy the festive season then it’s a perfectly practical option to keep your weight in check.

Just make sure to make the most of those 500 calories, full of nutritional dense foods (think vegetables again) and protein.  For the simple reason that the evening is highly likely to be higher on the carb side of things.

Last tip (you can combine all these options) is learn to make healthier choices when you do eat out.  Pick the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats.  By that I mean lean protein (think chicken breast, turkey, salmon and lean beef), lower G.I. carbs (think brown not white and starchy carbs instead of sugary ones), and by healthy fats you can have salmon and plain nuts (not salted etc).

And lots of vegetables (are you seeing a trend here?) these nutrient rich, low calories foods should become staples of your eating.

Away from the eating side of things don’t forget to keep your body moving.

The gyms might be shut but that’s no excuse.

Make the most of crisp, sunny Winter days and go for a walk, take the stairs and not the escalator when you’re doing your Christmas shopping and squeeze in a few bodyweight exercises (press-ups, chin ups, squats and core work) to keep your body moving.

Christmas doesn’t have to be the overindulgent fest many folk think it is.

Apply these simple tips, keep moving and enjoy!

And if you’re looking for a little help with your eating and exercising come the New Year… get in touch with our team on 01293 552 511.

We have over 40 classes per week, offering 1-2-1 personal training and are here to help!

Now go and have a great Christmas!



Indoors and Better Than Bootcamp, Crawley…

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Ladies-Fitness-ClassOk so I’m biased..

But if you’re looking for a fitness class that burns a lot of calories, a class that’s a great way to lose weight, melt fat and get in great shape our Kombat Fitness classes are a) indoors so you don’t have to do press-ups in the mud and b) better than bootcamp in Crawley 😉

Our classes combine the best of high intensity, fat burning exercises with strengthening exercises designed to ‘tone‘ (or to use the personal trainer jargon – improve muscle tone) so you’re not just slimmer, you’re stronger, have a higher metabolism (which means you burn more calories during the day) and have a nicer shaped to your body.

Classes are headed up by our team of personal trainers who work hard to make sure classes are progressive (so you continue to improve and look better), tough, effective and always good fun.

While fun might sound secondary to results, we know that consistency is key!

It’s no good going to the gym and jumping on the treadmill in January if you hate it and give up by February.

Much better than you come to our Better Than Bootcamp – Kombat Fitness Classes – have fun, get to become a part of the class, have a laugh and walk out afterwards knowing you’ve had a tough, tough session and are one step closer to your goals!


Are you looking for Bootcamp Crawley?

Or are you ready for our Better than Bootcamp – Kombat Fitness classes?

Come along, try a lesson and find out for youself.

To find out more enter you name and telephone number in the box on this page or call us on 01293 552 511 to book your first session.

We have classes Monday to Friday in the mornings and on Saturday, at Lunch Times or try our Ladies Only Kickboxing Classes in the Evenings.

See you in the gym!

Looking for a Female Personal Trainer in Crawley?

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Ruth Ashdown, female personal trainer and professional fighter

Ruth Showing the guys how it’s done!

If you’re looking for a female personal trainer in Crawley to put you through your paces, help get you lose weight and get back in shape – then get in tough with our Ruth Ashdown.

If you’re looking for a personal trainer to:

  • Help you get in shape for a wedding or holiday?
  • Help you get your ‘old’ body back and feel good again
  • Want to enjoy your food without feeling guilty (we can help you with your diet, nutrition and give you the lee-way to squeeze in a few treats)
  • Hate big box, commercial gyms with their meat-heads and unfriendly members
  • Feel self-conscious and want a quieter place to workout

Then Ruth can help (that’s her in the picture showing the boys who’s boss).

A professional fighter who’s a three time world champion in Muay Thai (a form of Kickboxing) Ruth has built up a reputation for pushing her clients and helping them get the most out of their workouts.

Her clients include busy mums looking to get their bodies back and regain their confidence, professional men and women working in the city, prison officers, policemen, teachers and more.

If you’re looking to start  your training and would like to find out more about training with Ruth you can contact the gym on 01293 552 511 or email us at: and we’ll be in touch to book your first session and start you training.

Motivational Training Clip for the New Year

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There’s a lot of cynacism this time of year about New Years Resolutions and starting 2014 strong but it’s one of the few times of year we all take a moment to reflect on what we’d like to change about ourselves, improve and make better.

So – in my opinion – ride that wave of motivation and hit it hard.

Then make that training part of your routine for 2014.

One of my favourite YouTube motivational training clip.  This guy is an inspriation…

If you’re looking to kick start 2014 HARD and make it a year to remember then why our January Special Offer gives you your first months training and annual membership free.

You won’t pay a penny until February and you’ll have started the New Year strong.

Find out more about our fitness special offer HERE.

Miss England’s Boxing Fitness Training

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It’s always good to see celebrities and famous folk hitting pads and working up a sweat.

Hear’s a little glimpse into Kirsty Heslewood — Miss England 2013 — working with her personal trainer through a fitness routine that include cardio, weights and hitting the pads.

Fast forward to the 1min:10sec mark to watch her getting box fit.

A Great Way to Burn Fat

The real benefits to hitting the pads is they’re a great cardio workout that vary in intensity so you can work at a pace that suits you and make it as hard (or as easy) as you like.

By mixing up toning exercises that strengthen and shape your legs, stomach and arms with intense cardio from punching and kicking pads you can get an excellent fat burning workout that’s a lot more interesting than mainstream gyms.

Ladies Only Classes

At our gym in Manor Royal, Crawley we have a variety of classes for men, women and children who want to learn martial arts or train for fitness.

Classes are varied and our boxing fitness training promises one of the best workouts you’ll get anywhere.

To find out more our about ladies fitness classes you can call our team on 01293 552 511 or enter you details into the form on this page.

Best of Bodyweight Fitness Training

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You don’t always have to join a gym to get a good workout (although it definitely helps on the motivation front) because you can do a lot with just the weight of your body.

Lifting, pushing and pulling your own bodyweight fitness training is an excellent way to start building your strength and coupled with methods (a Tabata for example) it’s a very good way to get your heart rate up, build up a sweat and burn a lot of calories.

Plus you can do it where ever and whenever you want.  Bodyweight fitness training is the perfect holiday workout or quick fix if you can’t make it to the gym today.

Here’s a short and very inspirational clip of some the amazing exercises you can incorporate into a bodyweight fitness workout.  While some of the exercises shown are high level and require good fitness and strength another benefit to bodyweight training is there are usually different variations you can use.

For example you could do a press-up on your knees, progress to doing it on your toes or increase the difficulty by putting your feet on a chair.  You could even go one step further by doing your press ups on an unstable surface (like a fit ball).

One exercise, several variations that let you train at your level and also allow you to progress, get stronger and get fitter.

Intensity Training

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Intensity training has become a buzzword in the fitness industry which commercial programmes such as the P90X, the Insanity Workout and recently Davina McCall (read it HERE) releasing a DVD detailing how instensity training got back in shape after having her children.

The real downside to programmes like Davina’s DVD is having the motivation and the discipline to actually follow it through, to do it regularly and keep it up so you actually change your body.

If discipline and motivation are holding you back, we can help!

Our fitness classes (including our Ladies Only Classes) and our personal training sessions all make the most of intensity training.

The fitness training at our gym in Manor Royal is based on Thaiboxing and the Mixed Martial Arts.

It means it’s fun, it’s very different and it’s intense since we’re used to training real fighters who have to be lean and in the best shape of their lives to compete.

Our Ladies Only Fitness classes will have you working in short bursts of intense activity.

You’ll be:

  • Punching and kick the punch bags
  • Hitting focus pads (and hand mitts) with a partner
  • Performing exercises that strengthen and tone your stomach
  • Exercises that shape your shoulders and arms
  • Burn lots of body fat from hips and tummies

We also have a variety of Martial Arts classes which are by their very nature, intensity training.

Our Thaiboxing classes work in 3 minute rounds where you have to give it everything you got as you move around, block, punch, kick, knee and elbow the pads.

Our Boxing classes will put you on the heavy bags, swinging bags and get your working on focus pads (hand mitts).

Plus our Jiu Jitsu class, that’s a different kind of fitness where you work strength and physical conditioning — try it — and you’ll walk out like knowing you’ve given it your all.

You’ll Redefine Fitness Here

We have people who’ve bee training ladies only fitness classes at Virgin, Nuffield and other gyms around Crawley.  We have men who’ve been lifting weights, playing football and going for runs.

But all will agree and tell you, you are going to get pushed to get the most out of each and every intense exercise session here at our gym in Crawley.

If you’d like to find out more about intensity training and our classes give us a call on 01293 552 511 or call in to visit us at our gym in the Manor Royal Industrial Estate, Crawley.



Fitness Facilities at Our Manor Royal Gym

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IMG_9646 Based on Priestley Way, our Manor Royal Gym is only a stones throw from the new cafes and food-joints that have popped up on the Crawley Industrial Estate.

Namely Charlies’ Deli and Subway.

A little ironic?

The gym had been based on the Gatwick Road above SL Restoration and after many a happy year there our classes had just grown too popular and we need more space.

That’s when the boss, John Jarvis, decided to up sticks and move literally around the corner to Priestley Way.

With over 5,000 sq. feet of industrial unit to work with he was quickly able to expand our timetable, improve our gym facilities and expand our reach.

Where we once catered almost exclusively to those looking to learn Muay Thai — a form of kickboxing from Thailand — we now could move offer other martial arts and open a range of fat burning fitness classes to suit everyday people.

Fortunately for us, Muay Thai is really popular with people who want to get seriously fit.

It’s a tough, total-body workout and very intense which means it’s a great calorie burner and an excellent way to lose body fat.

That lead to the opening of our Ladies Only Fitness Classes which combine the best fat burning aspects of Muay Thai with exercises designed to strengthen you legs, core and your upper body.

When you visit our gym you’ll find a range of functional training equipment.

Our Manor Royal Gym Equipment:

  • Wide range of dumb bells and weighted plates
  • Smith machine and bench
  • Multi-gym facilities for upper body strengthening
  • Dip and chin-up stations
  • Rowers and cardio equipment
  • Fit balls (or Swiss balls), Bosu Balls and Bender balls for core conditioning
  • 2 boxing rings to move around and hit the pads inside
  • Dozens of Thaiboxing pads, Focus pads and belly protectors for punching and kicking
  • A range of punch bags and heavy bags
  • B.O.B. a mannequin designed to look like a person to improve accuracy and have a little fun
  • Functional fitness zone (including tyres for flipping, lifting and jumping and a sledgehammer)
  • Battling ropes
  • A wide variety of slam balls and medicine balls

And the equipment list is ever growing as we expand our classes and keep up-to-date with the best fitness, strength and conditioning information in the industry.

Our Fitness Classes Include:

  • Personal 1-2-1 Training
  • Private tuition in Muay Thai, Boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Ladies Only Circuit Training Classes
  • Ladies Only Morning Fitness Training
  • Non-contact Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes
  • All-Level Muay Thai
  • Fighters Only Muay Thai
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (from beginner to advanced)
  • Kids Muay Thai Kickboxing
  • Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Grappling

If you like to get fit, learn a martial art or come along and have a look at our impressive Manor Royal gym (yes it still looks like an industrial unit on the outside. just wait to get inside) then give us a call on 01293 552 511 or enter your name and telephone number in the inquiry box on this page.

Thanks for reading and get ready to get seriously fit!


Ruth Ashdown: Crawley’s NEW WBC Title Holder

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Crawley based personal trainer Ruth Ashdown in fighting shape!

Crawley based personal trainer Ruth Ashdown in fighting shape!

Personal trainer, Muay Thai instructor and local girl, Ruth Ashdown fought for the Super-Fly Weight WBC International Title last weekend in Liverpool.

Fighting Leeds based, Kate Stables, the fight was billed as one to watch with the two, two-ranked fighters coming face to face for the first time.

Ruth who lives in Haywards Heath and teaches a variety of classes at the Crawley Martial Arts Academy had been training hard for the past 8 weeks as she got in the best shape of her life as she looked to add the WBC title to her collection that includes a British Title, the ISKA and ICO World Titles.

Ruth Ashdown PosterBefore starting Thaiboxing, Ruth was a photographer at local shows, traveling with the club and taking pictures for the club’s, Sussex based fighters.

As time went on she started training, intially building her fitness before deciding to ‘give it a go’, jump in the ring and see what it was all about.

Little did she know how it’d changer her life and her career forever!

Now working as a personal trainer and coach, teaching Ladies Kombat Fitness and Ladies Muay Thai (Kickboxing) to local women, mum’s and daughter’s who want to get in great shape, learn important self-defence skills and have fun at the same time.

With classes throughout the week, Ruth now has two major personal goals in life…

First to continue growing and improving as a fighter and martial artist.

And second to help local women get in great shape, lose weight and feel better about how they look through her variety of training classes.

If you’re interested in finding out more about training with Ruth or coming along to one of the Crawley Martial Arts Academies women’s only fitness classes give her a call on 01293 552 511 or enter your name and email address in the box on this page >>

If you’d like to watch Ruth’s WBC title fight performance then you can watch t he video on YouTube HERE or click on the video below…


Or you can find out more about our classes by click on the navigation bar at the top of this page and selecting the fitness class or lesson you’d like to try.

See you at our Crawley Gym!