Thaiboxing Classes for Beginners in Crawley

A practical martial art our Muay Thai classes are a tough cardio-workout that will make get you fitter, stronger, improve your flexibility and teach you effective fight skills too.

  • Learn how to punch, kick, knee and elbow with speed, power and accuracy
  • Build cardio-fitness as you work on bags, pads and train with a practise with a partner
  • Improve co-ordination, agility, flexibility, self-discipline and determination
  • Classes for beginners, intermediates and fighters

You’ll walk away from every class dripping with sweat, on an endorphin high – feeling great –  it’s why we believe everyone should hit pads and learn Muay Thai!

With over 20 years experience teaching Muay Thai, our gym is one of the best known in the country competing at local and international levels so you can rest assured you’re learning from the very best.

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What is Muay Thai (Thaiboxing)?

Known as the “Art of 8 Limbs” Muay Thai is one of the most complete martial arts on the planet.

You’ll learn how to punch, kick, knee, elbow and learn how to clinch (a type of close range grappling to strike and throw you opponent to the floor).

A practical system, tested in the ring, you’ll see many Muay Thai techniques used by top MMA fighters and self-defence instructors because they work!

With two decades of teaching experience and daily classes we have classes for everyone from beginners through to professional fighters, for people who want to train just to get fit through to people who want to step into the ring and see what it’s like.

If you’ve never done a days training… if you’re unfit and looking to get back in shape…  new to martial arts… or you’ve trained in other styles and interested in something new… get in touch!

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(or call us on 01293 552 511)

What Learn Muay Thai With Us?

Lumpini Crawley Muay Thai Kickboxing

(Ben Hodge fighting on the international arena, beating France’s Yohan Lidon)

With an established team of fighters – from amateur through to professional – you can rest assured you’re getting some of the best training in the UK.

Our Lumpini Fight Team is one of the top Muay Thai gyms in the UK with fighters who are British, European and World Champions in Thaiboxing.

With a team of trainers who have decades of experience and hundreds of fights experience between them, regardless of your level, they’re well qualified to help you get the most out of your training.

If stepping into the ring is your goal we have dedicated fighter training sessions for dedicated members who are ready to take that next step, to push themselves and test their skills in the ring.

Our Muay Thai classes are also popular with people interested in Mixed Martial Arts who want to improve their stand-up, striking skills and step into the cage.

How to Get Started

We run induction classes throughout the week in small groups or on a 1-2-1 basis during the week and afterward there’s no commitment to join (which makes them perfect taster sessions too).

During the sessions you learn basics Muay Thai techniques, how to hold pads and we’ll introduce you to many of the exercises you do during classes.

Simply fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly to find out more about you and your goals, what you’d like to get from training and the best time to start.

When you fill in the form we’ll give you a quick call, talk about our classes and help find the best one for you.

Keep an eye on your emails too (and if it’s easier just reply to them).