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By August 12, 2014Bootcamp, Ladies Fitness

Ladies-Fitness-ClassOk so I’m biased..

But if you’re looking for a fitness class that burns a lot of calories, a class that’s a great way to lose weight, melt fat and get in great shape our Kombat Fitness classes are a) indoors so you don’t have to do press-ups in the mud and b) better than bootcamp in Crawley 😉

Our classes combine the best of high intensity, fat burning exercises with strengthening exercises designed to ‘tone‘ (or to use the personal trainer jargon – improve muscle tone) so you’re not just slimmer, you’re stronger, have a higher metabolism (which means you burn more calories during the day) and have a nicer shaped to your body.

Classes are headed up by our team of personal trainers who work hard to make sure classes are progressive (so you continue to improve and look better), tough, effective and always good fun.

While fun might sound secondary to results, we know that consistency is key!

It’s no good going to the gym and jumping on the treadmill in January if you hate it and give up by February.

Much better than you come to our Better Than Bootcamp – Kombat Fitness Classes – have fun, get to become a part of the class, have a laugh and walk out afterwards knowing you’ve had a tough, tough session and are one step closer to your goals!


Are you looking for Bootcamp Crawley?

Or are you ready for our Better than Bootcamp – Kombat Fitness classes?

Come along, try a lesson and find out for youself.

To find out more enter you name and telephone number in the box on this page or call us on 01293 552 511 to book your first session.

We have classes Monday to Friday in the mornings and on Saturday, at Lunch Times or try our Ladies Only Kickboxing Classes in the Evenings.

See you in the gym!

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