Awesome Kids Martial Arts Classes

What makes an awesome kids class? Watching them grow into awesome adults! If you’re looking for a fun and exciting martial arts class for your son or daughter – come along and try one of ours:

  • Channel your child’s energy and enthusiasm
  • Great way to improve self-discipline and teach respect
  • Excellent confidence builder
  • Progressive classes – we’ve seen kids move up into our adult classes
  • Competition team training
  • Real expert instructors who enjoy teaching kids

Of course we’re biased – but if you’re looking for a class that combines the best of a traditional martial art (teaching respect and discipline) with a modern sport (making them physically fit and strong) our classes are perfect.


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More Than Just Punching and Kicking

Our kids classes combine the respect and discipline of a traditional martial art with the fast, paced, high-energy of a modern sport so your child becomes fitter, stronger, more flexible and improving co-ordination and balance.

With close to 20 years experience teaching kids classes it’s our goal for all our kids to keep training and become the Champions of the future.

In the gym, at home and at school.

To get there we know it’s not just about punching and kicking.

It’s about having a great attitude, it’s about always trying your best, listening, showing respect, having confidence and learning to believe in yourself.

I can’t rate Crawley Martial Arts Academy highly enough – six of my children go there, with the youngest still to start, and I go as well. I like everything about it – they run ladies classes at the same time as the kids classes on a Saturday morning which works really well for us – Pippa, mum of 7, Horsham

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Fun, Progressive Classes for Boys and Girls, Kids and Teens

It’s important to us your child enjoys training so it’s our goal to help your child excel and become a great martial artist.

We are creating the next generation of high-level athletes and martial artists.

Our classes are split according to age, our youngest students are just 4 years old and have a lot of fun learning techniques and playing games designed to improve their co-ordination, strength, balance and ability to work with others.

Our older kids and teens get pushed a little more, work a little harder, build up a good sweat and sneak in a few games here and there.

If you’re son or daughter is interested in competition training, then we have that too.

All of our classes are adult led by an instructors who have years of training under their belts (including world title belts) and have been teaching martial arts for years.

My two children go to Crawley Martial Arts two to three times a week. For us the teachers really make the club special, they install great confidence and belief in the children, they are always improving their skills and look forward to every lesson – Chiara, mum of 2

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Help Your Child Get Fitter, Stronger, Focus and Learn Control

The picture above ^ that’s 8 year old Jack kicking the bag with perfect technique, intensity and control.

His balance, speed, strength, focus, co-ordination, flexibility and technique are all put to the test.

During our classes we like to push our kids, make sure to get their heart pumping, get them out of breathe and – make them fitter.

They’ll spend time working with a partner, always supervised and always with control – gently placing techniques with respect and control for their training partner.

Before working on punch bags (like Jack in the picture above) or hitting focus pads with one of our instructors.

All our classes are always supervised, with respect for your partner and making sure the older kids look out for the younger ones.

We first started going to the Crawley Martial Arts Academy 5 years ago, and now all my children go. They have different groups for different ages which works really well so they all learn different things, appropriate to their age and ability.

For the younger children it’s beneficial as they learn about balance and co-ordination…. we have a family membership so it’s really good value – Jolan, father of 5

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  • Classes 6 days per week
  • Instructors who compete professionally and have years of teaching experience under their belts
  • Full, engaging classes that teach real martial arts
  • Parking, changing facilities and a coffee shop to watch from
  • Fully equipped, matted gym
  • Stacks of passion and enthusiasm