Burn Twice the Calories in Half the Time with our 30 Minute Lunch Time Classes

Our short, intense lunchtime fitness classes are an awesome calorie burner, a new addition to our timetable and perfect for people who:

  • Need to get in and out the gym fast!
  • Struggle to fit in the time to exercise in the evenings or weekends…
  • Like the idea of going home in the evenings knowing you’ve done your bit for looking after your body…
  • Need to escape the office, get a change of scenery and relieve some stress…
  • Love the buzz and feel good factor you get from exercise…
  • Want maximum results in minimum time…

Then our 30 minute lunchtime fitness classes are a great way to make the most of your day and make sure you’re investing in your health as well as your work.

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Want to Know the REAL Secret to Getting Results…

Buildings functional strength and fitness.

Get maximum results in minimal time with our lunch time High Intensity Interval Training sessions.

Our gym is a little bit different, you see we don’t do slow and we don’t do boring.

When it comes to exercise, burning calories and getting people fit we like to hit things (… punch bags and pads) and we like to do things fast!

It’s why, when you try your first session, don’t be surprised if you’re breathing heavy, sweating a lot and gasping for water.

If you’re after a 45 minute on the treadmill or an hour on the cross-trainer – then that’s not us.

From years of training top level athletes we know when it comes to getting seriously fit, torching calories and changing the way people look – training hard and fast using “High Intensity Interval Training” is what works best for our members.

During our sessions don’t be surprised to be flipping tyres, slamming a battle rope or throwing heavy balls into the floor…

Plus we throw in a few of the basics, the important exercises you remember from school – squats, lunges, press-ups, burpees (… remember them) and a healthy dose of skipping.

Our training is varied, our lunchtime fitness classes are fun and our training is a tried and tested way to burn an hours worth of calories in just 30 minutes.

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Take the Leap, Get in Touch and Just Try a Class


A great way to escape the office and relax at lunchtime

The very best way to find out more about our classes, see if they’re for you is to visit the gym and try a class.

They’re reasonably priced (… just £5 for the lunchtime session and cheaper if you become a monthly member) and a lot better than wasting your time at the desk talking more work.

Plus when you’re here you can see the other classes we teach – morning fitness classes, kids martial arts classes, evenings and weekends too.

We’re a family run gym, small independant and very different from the mainstream commercial gyms.

We’ll even know your name!

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