“Tired Hitting the Gym? Then It’s Time to Start Hitting Pads”

Ladies Only Thai-Kickboxing Classes in Crawley

Our Ladies Thai-Kickboxing classes are:

  • High energy, motivating workouts
  • Great for cardio fitness (and a HUGE calorie burner)
  • Awesome for arms and legs
  • An excellent way to burn fat, to flatten stomachs and tone your body
  • Fun workouts with independent women!

Never Done a Days Training? No Problem!

Our Ladies Thai-Kickboxing classes are open to all levels of fitness and ability — so even if you’ve never done a days training — you’re welcome to come along and join in the training.

Safe, Non-Contact Classes

During classes you’ll learn how to punch, kick, knee and elbow – you’ll learn and practice new techniques with a partner before the fun part – hitting the pads and bags with your punches and kicks.

Our Ladies Classes are non-contact without sparring; although if you enjoy your training and want to take it a step further we have specific Ladies Only Sparring classes and Competition Team classes.

Short Intense Bursts of High Energy Exercise

One of the best ways to get fit, burn calories and get in great shape is with short, intense bursts of exerice which burns more calories per minute than (say) running, cycling or rowing.

During our classes you’ll train in short bursts for “boxing round” punching and kicking the pads forĀ  2-3 minutes and finish the class with exercises to strengthen your upper and lower body; flatten your stomach, improve your core and help you get a lean, athletic physique.

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Are Our Ladies Classes for You?

Ladies Muay Thai (Kickboxing) Classes

Our classes are open to all ages, fitness levels, and experience.

If you’ve never done a days training before, if you’re new to martial arts or if you’re on a mission to lose weight and get back in shape – you’re welcome to join our classes.

From full-time mum’s to city professionals; from beginners through to black belts in other martial arts – we’ll help you find the right class.

All we ask is that you don’t mind having a laugh and a giggle, training hard, getting sweaty and pushing yourself so you get the most out of your workout.

The best way to find out – come down and try a session!

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What Will I Be Doing in Class?

hitting the pads during our ladies classes

Our classes are a mixture of learning practical skills and pad work – punching and kicking pads with a partner.

After a good warm-up you’ll learn new ways to use your punches and kicks, as well as learning how to defend them with your partner – you’ll always be learning something new, improving your skills and getting better.

That’s what makes our training really different – you’re learning something interesting and getting very fit along the way.

The best bit is hitting the pads.

You’ll team up with a partner – one person holding and the other person hitting the pads – before swapping over. You won’t believe it until you try it but hitting pads is an intense cardio-session, a great calorie builder and great stress relief!

Then it’s time to do a few exercises – just to make sure you’re worked hard enough – before cooling down and stretching out.

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