Personal Training Programmes

Tailored solutions to reach your goals

About Our Personal Training

Our background in Combat Sports means we’ve a very different approach to training than most personal trainers.

It means we’ll have you punching and kicking, hitting bags, working on bags and moving around in a boxing ring — training like a fighter, digging deep like a fighter and learning real fighting techniques…

In a nutshell, you’ll get fighting-fit and in fighting-shape and build a lean, stronger, athletic physique and a body  that works in day-to-day life.

Plus, along the way, you’ll become a pretty good Boxer or Thaiboxer.

What Might I Look Like?

If you’re looking to pack on a several-stone of rock-hard muscle, then to be honest that’s not our thing (we can recommend personal trainers better equipped to help you out).

If you’re looking to build a lean body, with low-body fat, that’s “toned” and looks good then that’s right up our street.

We can help.

Personalised Training

Ultimately our training is personalised for you.

Which means what you’ll be doing in your sessions is a combination of:

a) training to help get you the quickest, fastest results and

b) training that’s fun and you enjoy.

Because, simply put, if you don’t enjoy your training you’re not going to stick with it (and consistency really is the key to success).

One of the reasons our training is so popular is because people really-enjoy learning how to box and hit pads. It just doesn’t really feel like exercise.

Which is why so many personal trainers put their clients through boxing workouts using pads. And unlike most personal trainers – this is what we do best!

Likewise, we’ll advise and recommend training that will help you reach your goals faster. So we might spend time in the squat rack, swinging kettlebells, or flipping tires, slamming medicine balls and holding a plank if we think it’s the best option for you.

What to Eat. When to Eat. And How Much?First a couple of cliches…

Abs are made in the gym, and revealed in the kitchen.

Another one…

You don’t have to count calories, but calories count.

What you eat is a big part of getting in shape. Whether you want to add weight, lose weight or stay the same weight (just look better) – what you eat is essential.

As part of our Personal Training we’ll help you with nutritional suggestions that will make you look, feel and perform better.

We’ll talk to you to find out what method best suits you and regularly monitor your progress.

Some people are better if we work slowly (which is often more sustainable) changing habits and making food swaps.

While others prefer to go “all-or-nothing” with strict meal plans (which requires more organisation and discipline but can get you where you want to be faster).

Like our training, the nutritional suggestions we make will be personalised for you and your goal.

Working with you and to find the best way forward and making adjustments along the way so you’re always on track.

Ready to Find Out More?

If you like what you’ve read and believe our training is for you, then fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

We’ll have a quick talk on the phone (or over email) to find out more about you and then look to arrange a consultation and arrange a date to start training.

If you’re just after prices, then you’re shopping for personal trainers all-wrong (sorry!)  Because ultimately you should be shopping for the trainer who can help you reach you goal, and someone who can help you enjoy the journey.

To give you an idea, our training typically ranges from £30 to £40 per session and will depend on how often you train, how long you want to train and if you’d like to mix up your personal training with classes or just work 1-on-1.

Get in touch, we’ll have a short chat and let’s see if our training is for you