Lumpini Boxing in Crawley

“Starting from scratch… looking to fight… or just interested in getting fit”

If you’re looking for boxing in Crawley our gym is open to all levels, all ages and to anyone who wants to train hard and master the art of boxing.

From red-raw beginners through to experienced fighters, if you want to train hard and improve your skills then you’re very welcome to join the team.

During our classes you’ll work on improving your technical skills and put you through your paces to improve your strength, power and conditioning.

Whether you’re looking for a tough workout (we’ve had lots of members lose anything from several pounds to several stone) or step into the ring and test yourself – our coaches are happy to help.

  • Excellent cardio-fitness and great way to lose fat
  • Open to all from beginner through to competition level fighters
  • Learn how to move and hit effectively – without getting hit
  • Develop your hand-eye co-ordination, speed, strength and power
  • Optional sparring (we have two fixed boxing rings)

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What Does a Class Look Like?


Our boxing classes are the ultimate, no-frills, no non-sense, functional and practical fitness classes.

A great full-body workout for building a lean, athletic physique where you learn to defend yourself as well as getting in great shape.

Of course we’re biased but you’ll redefine what you call fit once you’ve tried one of our classes.

With a fully equipped gym, two boxing rings, a wall lined with punch bags and pads our classes promise a great cardiovascular workout – perfect for getting fit – that builds speed, strength, hand-eye co-ordination and is a great form of self defence.

If you want to take it a little more seriously and try stepping into the ring – with our fight team training – we can help you there too.


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Boxing to Compete & Improve Your Stand-Up MMA Skills

With an established team of boxers we regularly travel to fight nights, bringing a team of fighters to compete and run several of our own boxing night promotions throughout the year.

If you’ve never boxed before – don’t worry – everyone has to start somewhere and we promise you won’t be thrown in the deep end. We have a variety of levels training at our gym in Crawley and with decades of experience under our belt know the best ways to get you in confident, fighting shape.

You’ll start by learning the fundamentals, introduce situational sparring into your training – gradually getting heavier – before taking place in an interclub competition to give you experience and confidence in the ring before your first full-contact fight.

If you’re into Mixed Martial Arts – Boxers have the best hands in the business. If you want to improve your stand-up striking – boxing is the best way to sharpen your hands, improve your punching speed, timing, accuracy and give you knock-out power. Boxing is a “must have” skills for any MMA fighter.

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