Well Done to Our Future Champions!

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The first rule of our Kids Fight Club – it’s all about learning and control!

Last Sunday we had our first Kids Fight Club of the year, a chance for our youngest members to show case their skills in front of their parents and put them to the test in the ring against a fellow class mate.

The first Kids Fight Club of 2014

The first Kids Fight Club of 2014

The kids Fight Club is a sparring competition with no head contact, full protective equipment and designed to help our kids perform all their martial art techniques under a little extra pressure with a team in the corner, a referee and an audience made up of their parents and other gym members.

With a dedicated kids competition team (who travel the country to fight and have even traveled abroad) the Fight Club is a competition atmosphere but without any pressure.  It’s a simulated competition to get our members used to the environment.

Some will go onto compete and others just do it for fun which is (ultimately) what it’s all about.  Plus it’s a great way to help children grow in confidence amd help their self-esteem improve.

Enjoying your training and enjoying the opportunity to test out your techniques for real.

We run kids fight clubs throughout the year (and we run adult one too).

They’ve proven to be an effective method and stepping stone in helping our Muay Thai members move from training in the gym to fighting in the ring around the country.

And we’ve seen many of our youngest members grow up, move into our teen class and onto the adult Muay Thai class – join our Lumpini Fight Team and win World Titles around the world.

To find out more about our kids martial arts classes call us on 01293 552 511 or visit our gym in Manor Royal, Crawley!

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