Our kids fight club is a chance for our youngest members to show case their martial art skills and put them to the test in a friendly in-house sparring session.

Sparring – loved by our kids – is one of the most enjoyable parts of a lesson and in the kids fight club they spar safely and without head contact and get to show case their skills.

With a fully fledged adults and kids competition team – our fight clubs are the first step our members make before stepping into the competitive arena for the first time.  They are an excellent stepping stone for anyone who’d like to compete and good fun for those who don’t.

The next fight club is this Sunday the 23rd March and for our members only.

You can read more about our kids classes here (we have classes 6 days per week) call the gym on 01293 552 511.

Kid fight club and sparring competition

Last August Kids Fight Club, the perfect opportunity for our youngest members to show case their skill!

During a fight club each child has their own corner man and there is a referee in place to keep the action flowing.  The kids spar for 3 rounds back to back (as they would in competition) and have to demonstrate proper technique and the ability to listen to their corner man.  

It’s all about perfect practise and preparation for the next generation of Lumpini Superstars!

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