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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gold at the English Open for Kolarov

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George Kolarov winning gold at the English Open in DartfordWell done to George Kolarov on his Gold Medal win at the English Open in Dartford at the weekend.

Super motivated, always here — training in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling classes — George entered the Adult Heavyweight Category at the weekend and showed mucho experienced for his 18 years.

Winning his first two fights on points, George did well to take the top-position, passing half-guards and moving well to keep on top and keep scoring as he moved from position to position.

In the semi-final he came up against the touch Rich Caplen from Brighton, winning on points and in the final he initiated the fight with a well performed ‘ankle-pick’ before taking control and winning via arm bar.

It was an awesome weekend for George who’s literally going from strength to strength and demonstrated both his technical skill and physical strength to win with three convincing performances.

Big well done and it’s great to have such a great player in what’s already a great Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team.

Checkmat BJJ at the British Open 2014

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This years BJJ British Open saw the Checkmat BJJ team place 2nd in the overall team results with our team of Crawley fighters playing their part and bringing home several medals.

With competitors in the White, Blue, Purple and Black Belt dvision it was a diverse team from the Crawley Martial Arts Academy on the mats for the days competition including 17 years old George who decided to skip the youth division and go straight for the jugular by entering the adults competition.

Checkmat BJJ

Graham on the podium after collecting his Silver Medal for the Crawley Checkma BJJ Team

British Open Crawley BJJ Result

  • Wrestler and first time competitor Ali Carter tried his hand in the Gi at White Belt level winning his first two fights before losing his third fight.
  • Relatively new to the team – Martin Duke battled it out for two fights, winning them both before losing in the quarter finals.
  • Thaiboxer and BJJ enthusiast Marco Carvalho won his first fight and lost his second contest.
  • Darren Spillian – a relatively new Blue Belt – fought well in the Adult Masters winning Bronze
  • Pete Smallridge – in a hugely competitive weight category – won four fights on the bounce all with chokes before losing on a wrist lock in his fifth fight to take home a well deserved bronze medal
  • 17 year old George Kolarov (in his first Blue Belt competition) won his first two fights before losing his third contest.
  • Redhill’s – Sean Curran – had two tough fights to take Silver
  • Heavyweight Lee Wilderspin – who pretends to be the underdog – took home silver.
  • The tough Konrad Gedzik won four fights at Blue Belt, losing to an Ezekiel choke in the final to take home a silver medal.
  • Horsham’s Graham Day – who was determined to do well – did himself proud to win yet another Silver medal for the Checkmat Crawley team.
  • Sam Hewitt – who’s had a good year competing regularly lost in the first round, hugely disappointed at the points lose.
  • Leg lock and Judo expert – Rolanas Cizauskas – won his first two fights convincing before having what can only be described as a ‘war’ in the final only to lose on points in the final.
  • While Black Belt Keith McKenzie won his first fight and narrowly losing the final on an advantage point to win the silver medal.

Overall the Crawley BJJ Team took home 2 Bronze and 5 Silver Medals and it was great to see all the guys back on the mat Monday evening – ready to learn from any mistakes at the British Open and improve their game.

The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team will be back on the Mats at the Surrey Open on the 6th July in Guildford.

To find out more about learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing or MMA in Crawley you can get in touch with our gym on 01293 552 511 or enter your name and contact number in the box on the side of this page.

BJJ Motivation

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Next week will see our McKenzie BJJ team hit the mats at the Checkmat interclub competition in London.

Head coach Keith McKenzie will be bringing a team of grapplers to the annual event at the Checkmat Headquarters and everyone is in training ready to make the Crawley Team proud.

If you’re looking for a little bit of BJJ Motivation then have a look at these highlights of the Copa Podio competition. ┬áIt’s only a short video but a great video of BJJ in action.