What You’ll Learn with our Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Programme

Here’s what to expect when you train on our MMA programme:

  • How to fight standing-up and on the ground – for self-defence and in the cage.
  • How to throw punches and kicks with speed, power and accuracy.
  • How to control and take an opponent to the ground
  • How to apply arm and leg locks, chokes and submissions

All the time you’re learning you’ll:

  • Build a lean, athletic physique perfect fighting.
  • A total body workout — you need to be strong, agile and physically fit.
  • Get one of the best, most functionally cardio-workouts you’ll ever experience.
  • Develop the self-discipline and mental toughness you only get from pushing yourself to the limit.
  • Great stress relief – hitting pads, bags and learning new combinations.
  • Be part of our TEAM – training hard and celebrating together.

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Why You Should Start Your MMA Journey Here:

To excel in MMA, there are 3 core-skills you need to know:

  1. How to punch, kick, knee and elbow…
  2. How to take an opponent down (and defend a take-down attempt) and …
  3. How to control, strike and submit your opponent on the ground.

All three skills are absolutely essential and you’ll train with experts in all 3 areas here at the Crawley Martial Arts Academy with our team of very experienced instructors and fighters.

  • 7 Muay Thai coaches
  • 4 Brazilian Jiu Jiu Jitsu coaches
  • 2 Boxing coaches
  • 3 Wrestling coaches
  • …and an experienced coaching team who’ve worked in rings and cages around the world

Is our MMA Programme for You?

“I’ve never done martial arts before?”

No problem! Most of our fighters had never done a days training before starting with us. We have beginners classes and an induction programme to help get you started.

“Am I too old to start training?”

Probably not. Our members start as little as 4 years all the way through to our oldest members in their late 50’s. Hopefully they’ll stick around until their 60’s and maybe even 70’s!

“Do you only train fighters?!”

Nope! In fact most of our members train because it’s a great way to get fit, learn something interesting and gyms bore them!

I’ve only showcased the fighters to show you we know what we’re doing, we’re experts at what we do and we can help you become the best you can be.

“Will I get hurt?”

No, you absolutely shouldn’t… but let’s have an adult conversation. Accidents happen, people twist and turn in funny ways, and that can happen with any activity.

Our training is sensible, focused on the technique over aggression and supervised by experts.

“Do I have to spar?”

Nope, we won’t make you do anything you don’t want to, even if you are missing out on the best bit 😉

“Is training expensive?”

Our programmes are set up so the more you train, the cheaper it becomes. For most of our members, training works out roughly £5-£9 per session and the start up costs for equipment is zero for your first few classes.

Just come down and try a class.

“Do you offer 1-2-1 training?”

We do and some of our members did a handful of 1-2-1 sessions before jumping into classes (although you definitely don’t have to).

Ask if you’re interested in personal training.

Got More Questions? Or Just Get Started?

You can call us on 01293 552 511 although we’re often busy teaching lessons so the best option is to fill in the form below.

We’ll send you a couple of emails and (as soon as we can) give you call back.

If you want to visit the gym, have a tour (we’ve some of the best facilities in the South East) or book your first session – we’ll help you out.


Last (important) thing…

Over the years I’ve spoken to tens, maybe hundreds of people who’ve been thinking… thinking… and doing some more thinking about starting.

A week passes, a month passes and then another year passes (like 2017 has).

Don’t be that person!

What’s the worst that can happen? You try a few sessions and it’s not for you.

Or you try a few sessions, and it changes your life. How you look, how you feel and maybe even the trophies and medals on your mantle piece.

Get in touch 😉