Boxing Classes in Crawley

Get in the best shape of your life learning¬†real boxing technique in a gym that’s beginner friendly (if you just want to box for fitness that’s fine with us), well equipped (we’ve 17 boxing stations and 2 boxing rings) with an active fight team (over 94 bouts in 2016).

Beginner Friendly

We all start somewhere and most of our members started boxing for the first time, here with us.

We've been teaching beginners for over 20 years - you can rest assured you're in safe hands.

Learn Real Boxing Technique

You'll learn how to punch with speed, technique and power, how to slip and roll and defend against attacks.

Total Body Workout

With old-school boxing groundwork and calisthenic training you'll improve your strength with traditional yet highly effective exercises to strength your arms, legs and all-important core.

Expert Coaches

Our coaching team have a combined experience of over 100 years, ask a question and they'll have the answer!

Friendly Gym

We're a family run gym where ego's are left at the door and we work hard to keep the gym fun, friendly and light-hearted.

Watch a Class in Action

In this video clip below the more-experienced boxers and fighters are moving around in the ring sparring.

While the rest of the class pair up to practise throwing combinations on the pads and working on their footwork and defensive skills.


Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve a bit nervous, I’ve never boxed before!

You’re not alone, so many people are secretly a little nervous and a little bit anxious the first time. Most of our member’s started training having never stepped into a boxing gym before. Our coaches are friendly, our members are friendly and everyone’s more than happy to help you out.

I’m not very fit, will I last the session?!

The best way to get fit is join in and gradually build yourself up, session by session and week by week. Work your pace to start with, take a break when you need one and watch your fitness improve.

Can women train?

Of course, there’s always several women in the class training together or pairing up with the guys. Our classes are all-inclusive.

What equipment do I need?

To start with, you gym clothing (shorts, t-shirt and a drink). We’ve boxing gloves you can borrow and in a few weeks time consider buying your own gloves and hand wraps. If you want to spar you definitely need a gum shield.

Where can I buy equipment?

In the beginning, just borrow ours. When it comes to gloves we can advise you on the best size and style, you can check out our shop or order then online. As for gum-shield’s – the best ones are from the dentist or you can pick them up from most sports shops and websites.

Will I get hit? Do I have to spar?

You’ll work on new techniques with a partner which is lighter-than-light contact so you won’t get hurt. As for sparring, it’s 100% optional so once you have the basics under your belt you might decide to get involved.

Any advice for a 1st timer?

Don’t kill yourself in the first session! Come along, go with the flow and just enjoy the class. You’ll get fitter, and technically better, week by week.

Consistency is the secret to success, and maybe start to eat a little better. Real foods you have to cook yourself from scratch. You’ll feel better and look better too.

Ready to Get Started?

“Words lead to more words. Actions lead to more actions” – Odin (Norse God)

It’s too easy to think about starting for weeks, months and even years.

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