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Congratulations to Everyone on Our First Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Grading

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We’re Crawley’s first and only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club and this week ran our first kids grading this week with 10 of our next generation of martial artists passing the test.

Our Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes are led by Black Belt and two time European Champion, Keith McKenzie.

Nicknamed “the gentle art” – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has a focus on skill and technique over brute force and strength. With an emphasis on grappling and ground fighting BJJ teaches students how to throw, control and submit your opponent without punching or kicking.

A new martial art, BJJ was founded in the early 2oth century and has grown exponentially largely thanks to the Ultimate Fighting Championship and its practical nature. Like many martial arts it places an emphasis on discipline and respect while the sports element allows BJJ players to put their skill and physical fitness to the test in competition.

The grading is a first for Crawley and kids and teens were required to demonstrate techniques and their practical application during an hour of sparring with other classmates and adult assistants.

Using an internationally recognised grading system BJJ sets its standards high and only has give adult belts with the coveted Black Belt taking up to 10 years to earn and in May the team will travel to Birmingham to compete in the British Open.

The Kids Brazilian Jiu JItsu Team after Grading SuccessKids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Grading Success

Crawley Martial Arts Academy: Kids Martial Arts Competition

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Shelly from the Happy Times was on tour to take pictures of our kids in action.

From the youngest kids of 5 years through to teens (with the adults fighting in the evening) the Kids Muay Thai competition gives the Academy’s children a chance to put their skills to the test and progress.

For weeks the children had been preparing.

Working on new techniques,  building their physical strength and fitness (not that they weren’t unfit in the first place!) and seeing for themselves the importance of focus, concentration and self-discipline in martial arts.

While the competition side to our martial art isn’t a necessity it is a great confidence builder and we regularly have smaller, in-house competitions that give our little Champions a chance to practise and get used to the atmosphere without the distractions of a crowd.

During our in-house competitions everyone is a winner, it’s all about effort and attitude with all ages, boys and girls getting involved.

The competition at the Bewbush community centre was a great success with the children competing early afternoon and the adults later that night.

Carried out under the strictest of safety with no head contact allowed for the youngsters who could only punch, kick and knee to a well padded body protector.

This competition took place before the 2012 Olympics which reminded everyone the importance of sport in day to day life, how it brings us together and how it teaches us to push ourselves physically and mentally.

If you’d like to find out more about Kids Martial Arts Classes in Crawley (in particular Muay Thai Kickboxing, a striking system with Eastern roots like Karate and Kung Fu) then visit our children’s martial arts page HERE or visit the Kids page of the Crawley Martial Arts Academy.

We teach classes throughout the week at our fully-equipped, full-time gym in Manor Royal and have recently started to roll out Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (somewhat similar to Judo) this month (March 2013)

Martial Arts Clubs in Crawley

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If you’re looking for Martial Arts Clubs in Crawley you might be surprised to know there’s a very diverse array of clubs around the area.

More than you see advertised and many more than you’ll find on a simple “Google” search.

From the Chinese Arts (Kung Fu Schools and Styles) like Wing Chun, Preying Mantis, Japanese Arts like Judo, Karate, Ju Jitsu and Ninjitsu through to the more modern combat sports and self-defence systems.

Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Western Boxing and Submission Wrestling.  Arts made popular by events like the UFC and through the Mixed Martial Art (MMA arena).  And there are plenty of others styles tucked away in Crawley’s school halls, at the K2 Leisure Centre and at Tilgate Huts where we were once based.

There are loads to choose from… so where do you start?

Picking the Right Martial Arts Club

First is it for you?  Or is it for your kids?

If it’s for you the biggest and most important question is why do you want to start training?  Is it for fitness, to learn self-defence or master a martial art?  Are you looking to complete, earn your Black Belt or — maybe — it’s just something you always wanted to do but never got ’round to?

If fitness is your primary concern then a sports based martial art should be a priority.  Ideally an art with a competitive element (even if you don’t intend to compete) simply because they will push members to train hard, work up a sweat and get in great shape.  Even if you don’t want to compete you’ll be training as hard as those who do and reap all the rewards without any of the pressure!

For self-defence, perhaps a traditional or simple style.   Wing Chun is a practical style of Kung Fu taught in Crawley or perhaps look into one of the styles tried and tested in the ring and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) arena.  Muay Thai for the punches, kicks, knees and elbows, Boxing for the hand-speed and physcial condition and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) for the grappling and ground side to things.  Many self-defence experts say 90% of fights go to the ground… so the ground game should be part of your arsenal.

And if you just want an interesting hobby with a philosophical edge then a more traditional route is likely to be your best bet.  Don’t necessarily count on the art  for self-defence or expect extreme physical fitness but the roots of many more traditional arts are deeply embedded in Eastern religious philosophies.  One of the exceptions being Muay Thai which has strong roots Buddhism with each and every fighter performing a ritual showing thanks and respect to their parents and teachers before fighting.

Choosing a Kids Martial Arts Class

The first question is and always will be your child’s safety.  The environment they’re in, the techniques they will be learning and — of course — the instructors teaching them.

So choosing a professionally run martial arts school with friendly gym or club that encourages parents to watch classes is paramount.