Learning new techniques on the ground

Learning new techniques on the ground

Martial arts aren’t just learning techniques.

They’re about self-confidence, self-belief and having the discipline and determination and get ahead as martial artists and in the real world.

At the Crawley Martial Arts Academy our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu programme for kids age 11+ can help do all this and more.

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One of the fastest growing martial arts in the world Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is both a martial art and competition sport thanks to its relaxed approach to training, no non-sense grading syllabus and the fact that it’s very practical for self-defence ,very safe to train and seriously good fun too.

Benefits of Brazlian Jiu Jitsu to Kids

For us martial arts are more than just learning new moves and cool skills it’s about walking tall and feeling good about who you are.

That’s why our classes are a great way to:

  • Boost confidence and self-discipline
  • Achievie, improve and feel good about yourself
  • Help your child get fitter and stronger
  • Improve concentration and co-ordination
  • Popular for anti-bullying programmes in the US
  • Teach your child how to work with a partner and as part of team
  • Learn to listen to instructions, concentrate and focus

The most important thing about classes is they’re challenging, progressive and good fun!

About Kids Jiu Jitsu

Wresting with a partner

Jack and Harvey wrestling and working to control each other

Nicknamed the “Gentle Art” your child will learn how to throw and control and opponent without hurting them.  Punching and kicking are not allowed in BJJ so you son or daughter will learn to get in close and quickly tie up an opponent so they can dominate and control them.

The Tap System: Safety is always top of our list so the first thing every new student learns is the ‘tap system’.  If during training they ever feel uncomfortable they can either tap their opponent, the floor or simple say “Tap tap” and their partner will immediately let go and create space.  This system lets your child train hard and train super-safely.

Classes will start with a warm-up to building fitness and move on to teach basic gymnastic skills to improve co-ordination and agility before learning new moves and techniques with a partner.

The classes finish with ‘rolling’.  This form of free sparring allows your child to move around and try to use their new techniques with a partner.  Rolling always starts with a hand-shake because we’re all here to help each other improve and under the strictest control and supervision of the instructor the students try to throw and control each other.  All the time using the Tap System.

Recognised Grading Structure

All of our classes are taught by experienced, expert instructors who’ve travelled the world to hone their skills.  They could travel anywhere in the world, to any club and their grades would be recognised.

Unlike many martial arts the grading system in BJJ is consistent and uniform around the world.  This means as your child progresses and improves they could travel to any club and fit right in.

Head Instructor Keith McKenzie

Learning a new technique under instructor Keith McKenzie

Learning a new technique under Black Belt instructor Keith McKenzie

Our head Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor is Black Belt Keith McKenzie who teaches and oversees both our adults and kids BJJ classes.

With two European Titles and over 10 years experience, Keith has travelled frequently to Brazil to master this art and brings this experience to the gym.

A friendly and approachable instructor Keith’s passion and enthusiasm for martial arts comes across in his teaching and he works hard to make classes fun, interesting and moving forward.

Gym Facilities

We’re some of the best facilities you’ll find in the South-East or anywhere in the UK:

  • 5,000 sq foot gym
  • Male and Female changing rooms
  • Fully matted floor (and walls in the BJJ room) for safety
  • Parking
  • Cafe and viewing gallery

Getting Started

Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu GradingWe make getting started easy and your child can start wearing their own shorts and t-shirt before jumping into a class.

To find out more give us a call on 01293 552 511 or enter your name and telephone number into the box on this page >

We’ll be able to answer any questions you have about and do our best to make getting started as quick and easy as possible.