How to Pick a Personal Trainer

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If you’re shopping around for a personal trainer then be careful…

Because shopping around usually means making decisions based on price which reminds me of the saying “If you think an expert is expensive, then wait until you hire an amateur”.

You usually get what you pay for.

So what should you be looking for before you pick a personal trainer?

Andy Brown of the Huffington Post wrote this article (one of the best I’ve read) where he quite rightly says that if you’re hoping to look like someone from a BodyPower or enter next years strongman competion then you need to pick someone who looks and specialises in that kind of prepartion (and expect a lot of protein, broccoli and chicken consumption)!

What you really need is to know what you’re looking for before deciding to pick a personal trainer who’ll happily take your money.

So what’s the best way to find out if you’re trainer can help you achieve your goals?

Find a trainer who’s already helped others in your situation which brings me onto the next point.

Make sure you a) get on with your trainer and b) you meet face to face before parting with cash and committing to their programme.

You don’t have to become best buddies (in fact you should be training not chatting during sessions) but you do need to get on and click with each other.  If you like to be shouted at, then pick a trainer who likes to shout at their clients.  What motivates me won’t necessarily motivate you.

Which brings me to the last part.

What do we specialise in?

With a background in martial arts, our clients are the kind of people bored with the gym and looking for a more interesting way to get in shape.

We have a team of professional fighters who have competed around the world and must be in the best shape of their lives before stepping into the ring.

That’ s what we do.

We train our Personal Training clients like fighters (minus the getting hit bit) and our clients range from 13 year old children through to 50 year old executives who HATE the gym, want to lose weight, burn fat and get in amazing shape.

If that sounds like you, get in touch by filling in the form on this webpage or call us on 01293 552 511 and we’ll talk through our programmes and invite you down to meet us, have a chat and find out if you like us 😉



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