Try Our Unique & Effective Approach to Personal Training & Save 30% on Your First Session

If you want to lose weight and get back in shape our training is a unique and effective; a great calorie burner and a tough workout that burns fat and builds a stronger leaner body.

We know that every personal trainer tells you their the best so we’re offering you a chance to try one of our personal training sessions for just £20 – all you have to do is enter you name and telephone number in the box at the bottom of this page and we’ll call you to arrange your first session.

Our Clients

Personal Training ClientWe’ve helped our clients lose from several pounds to several stone…

We’ve trained professional athletes looking to get in peak condition…

And our clients include people from all walks of live from brides-to-be and busy mums through to business professionals and executives.

Our youngest clients are in their late teens and our oldest in their mid-50s.  We welcome all age groups and are happy to train anyone who’s ready to get started and make a change.

The reason we attract such a wide variety of clients is because our training is enjoyable and it’s effective… our trainers are friendly and professional… and out methods get results.

Our Personal Training

If you’re looking to add bulk or for bodybuilding style training then I’m afraid our training isn’t for you.

If – however – you’re looking to lose body fat, add muscle tone and build a lean, athletic looking physique then our training is the perfect remedy.

Our background is in the combat sports and for years our training methods have been stolen and used by the fitness and personal training industry for the simple reason that it’s amongst the best cardiovascular training you can find!

About Our Trainers

We have a team of trainers, all dedicated and friendly and – more importantly – are committed to helping our clients get the best from their training with 10-20 years experience in the industry.

While we’ll always push, encourage and motivate our clients to work hard we strongly believe that training is about creating long term changes and which means keeping you fit, healthy and injury free.

Plus we’re experts when it comes to losing weight and changing body composition.

What no catch?!  All we ask is you pay for your personal training session in advance and you’re under no obligation to continue training.  We’re confident that our training methods work that when you experience them for yourself – you’ll want to carry on.

Just scroll up and fill in the enquiry box above to book your £20 personal training session.