Fast Fat Buster with Personal Trainer, Mr Motivator

I just found this clip of TV personal trainer, Mr Motivator putting his ladies only class through their paces.

Now while the lycra isn’t quite out thing, nor are the crazy animal names to his exercises there’s one thing he did really well and that was — he made exercise fun.

While it’s far for a full body workout and it’s far from being overly functional there’s one big take-away and that is — by making exercise fun you’re more likely to do it and you’re more likely to stay at it.

And staying at it is ultimately the biggest stumbling block when it comes to losing weight and getting fit.  Which (yes, I’m biased) is massively influenced by the gym you go to.

At our gym in Crawley we’ve a very different approach to fitness.

Plus we’re lucky that — by sheer chance — our methods are some of the best fat burning exercise you’ll find anyway.

So what are they?

We teach our personal training clients and all of our gym members how to fight.

Yep, we teach them how to fight and we train them the exact same way we train our Champion fighters.

First, hitting stuff (not necessarily other people) is great fun and a great calorie burner.  Why else would so many personal trainers copy our methods by using pads to get their clients punching and kicking?!  Because it’s fun and it works!

Second, our training is pretty intense.  By training our PT clients like fighters they have to work in short, sharp and intense rounds which is a great way to get your heart rate pumping and the calories burning during and even after your leave the gym.

So next time you’re looking for a Mr. Motivator style workout — STOP — and give us a call because we’ve got something equally fun and in our opinion a lot, lot better for building a fitter, leaner body.

Get in touch with the gym on 01293 552 511 or visit our gym homepage to find out more!

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