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Lunch Time Fitness Classes in Crawley

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This year we’re proud to have launched our NEW lunchtime fitness classes.

The classes – designed to be short, sharp and intense – are the perfect way to spend your lunch hour and get away from the desk for a short (active) break.

Running from 12.15 – 12.45pm, Monday to Friday – the classes start with a warm-up before getting into some High Intensity Training.

With a background in the fighting arts the lessons will be varied and always intense.

From hitting the pads to working through a tough Tabata you’ll be amazed with what you can do in just 30 minutes.

Of course you’re always welcome to make the most of our gym here in Manor Royal so if you can do something before or after the session.

The lunch time Fitness classes are included as part of our monthly membership to existing members or you can Pay As You Go.

To find out more and book in your first session – call the gym on 01293 552 511.

Motivational Training Clip for the New Year

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There’s a lot of cynacism this time of year about New Years Resolutions and starting 2014 strong but it’s one of the few times of year we all take a moment to reflect on what we’d like to change about ourselves, improve and make better.

So – in my opinion – ride that wave of motivation and hit it hard.

Then make that training part of your routine for 2014.

One of my favourite YouTube motivational training clip.  This guy is an inspriation…

If you’re looking to kick start 2014 HARD and make it a year to remember then why our January Special Offer gives you your first months training and annual membership free.

You won’t pay a penny until February and you’ll have started the New Year strong.

Find out more about our fitness special offer HERE.

Miss England’s Boxing Fitness Training

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It’s always good to see celebrities and famous folk hitting pads and working up a sweat.

Hear’s a little glimpse into Kirsty Heslewood — Miss England 2013 — working with her personal trainer through a fitness routine that include cardio, weights and hitting the pads.

Fast forward to the 1min:10sec mark to watch her getting box fit.

A Great Way to Burn Fat

The real benefits to hitting the pads is they’re a great cardio workout that vary in intensity so you can work at a pace that suits you and make it as hard (or as easy) as you like.

By mixing up toning exercises that strengthen and shape your legs, stomach and arms with intense cardio from punching and kicking pads you can get an excellent fat burning workout that’s a lot more interesting than mainstream gyms.

Ladies Only Classes

At our gym in Manor Royal, Crawley we have a variety of classes for men, women and children who want to learn martial arts or train for fitness.

Classes are varied and our boxing fitness training promises one of the best workouts you’ll get anywhere.

To find out more our about ladies fitness classes you can call our team on 01293 552 511 or enter you details into the form on this page.

Super Fit NOT Super Thin is the Latest (and Bestest) Fitness Fad

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It’s good to see how super fit has replaces super thin as the new fitness fad among celebrities and — fingers crossed — it lasts!

For years we’ve been inundated with pictures of super-skinny celebrities but not with the likes of Pippa Middleton into her Triathlons the new super-fit is much, much better as reported by MSN this week.

Deep down we all know that modern day living and modern day eating is wrecking havoc with our bodies.  Obesity in adults and children is on the increase as are chronic diseases related to obesity such as Type 2 Diabetes so it’s great that celebs are leading the way with what we hope becomes more than a new fad.

When it comes to eating clean and exercising regularly we know the hardest parts are:

  1. Getting started
  2. Keeping it up!

It’s all about starting that first session and then getting into the routine of training.

And that’s why our combination of Kickboxing and Fitness classes have become so popular.

With over 35 classes per week we have a super-flexible timetable that means you can turn up and jump in.  The beauty of a class is if you’re not feeling particularly keen or motivated that day — don’t worry — because our instructors are always on hand to encourage and motivate you.

Plus as part of a class you simply turn up and let yourself get swept along by the class.  There’s a real buzz about being part of a group of people working out and pushing themselves to be better.

Of course gym classes aren’t for everyone which is why we also have personal training sessions during the day times when you can tailor your training to meet your goals or just get that little bit more of a push.

If you’re interested in joining the latest celebrity fitness trend and ready for a real approach to getting a great body then get in touch with our team on 01293 552 511.


Best of Bodyweight Fitness Training

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You don’t always have to join a gym to get a good workout (although it definitely helps on the motivation front) because you can do a lot with just the weight of your body.

Lifting, pushing and pulling your own bodyweight fitness training is an excellent way to start building your strength and coupled with methods (a Tabata for example) it’s a very good way to get your heart rate up, build up a sweat and burn a lot of calories.

Plus you can do it where ever and whenever you want.  Bodyweight fitness training is the perfect holiday workout or quick fix if you can’t make it to the gym today.

Here’s a short and very inspirational clip of some the amazing exercises you can incorporate into a bodyweight fitness workout.  While some of the exercises shown are high level and require good fitness and strength another benefit to bodyweight training is there are usually different variations you can use.

For example you could do a press-up on your knees, progress to doing it on your toes or increase the difficulty by putting your feet on a chair.  You could even go one step further by doing your press ups on an unstable surface (like a fit ball).

One exercise, several variations that let you train at your level and also allow you to progress, get stronger and get fitter.