The Benefits of Bodyweight Training…

By August 21, 2013Gym Crawley

If you’re looking to build a leaner, stronger and more functional body then you can’t go far wrong by starting out with Bodyweight Training.

Unfortunately we’re so disconnected with our own bodies that we tend to associate fitness with the gym.  And while that’s not wrong… it’s not always the best way to get started.

For most folk the problem with the gym is you don’t really get guidance other than the ‘standard workout routine’ given to everyone regardless of their fitness goals and you’ll quickly out grow it.

Not to mention the fact that there is little point lifting weights (that you have to pay for) when you can’t even lift your own body.  Take Lat Pull-Downs for example.  You see people using the machine at the gym but how many do you see doing the bodyweight equivalent?  A pull up (or chin up depending on the grip you use).

Bodyweight training is where it all begins.

Key Benefits to Bodyweight Training

Aside from saving the time and the money you’ll save by not having to go to the gym.  And aside from the fact that you can do bodyweight training anytime and anywhere there are many more benefits.

Firstly, the vast majority of bodyweight exercises are compound exercises.  They work around more than a single join which is healthier for your body, a better calorie burner if you’re looking to lose weight and much, much better for building a functional body that works in day to day life.

Second, you can only use a machine in one way.  That gets boring but with bodyweight you have a multitude or variations that work different muscles, work them differently or put an emphasis on different areas.  Classic examples are narrow, normal or wide grip press ups — the bodyweight version of the bench press.

Third, you can do some very cool party tricks with bodyweight exercises.  Anyone who has spent any time on YouTube will be blown away with the impressive folk working on in the parks on bars, doing crazy versions of press-ups and gymnastic style hand balancing or the human flag.  Impressive feats of strength that build a great looking body and impresses your friends too.

Simple Example of Bodyweight Workouts

Bodyweight Progressions

Of course it’d be wrong to say you only have to use your bodyweight.  That’s what the faddy exercise programs want you to believe — that their system is all you need.

The reality is for many bodyweight training is enough but if you want to progress you can.

The technique you learn from bodyweight squats can be used to perform barbell squats in a rack.  The strength you build from press-ups can allow you to progress to the bench press or even harder add shoulder work to your routine with a hand stand press up!

Our Fitness Classes

At our gym in Crawley our main goal is to get people in great shape with a functionally fit body.  Our cardio sessions are intense and our workouts make the most of both bodyweight and more advanced versions with equipment.

You’ll squat, you’ll lunge, you’ll press, pull, lift and drag.

Our classes offer an all over body workout and we have classes for both men and women.

If you’d like to find out about our classes get in touch by entering your name and telephone number in the box on the side of this page or by calling a member of the team on 01293 552 511.

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