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Intensity Training

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Intensity training has become a buzzword in the fitness industry which commercial programmes such as the P90X, the Insanity Workout and recently Davina McCall (read it HERE) releasing a DVD detailing how instensity training got back in shape after having her children.

The real downside to programmes like Davina’s DVD is having the motivation and the discipline to actually follow it through, to do it regularly and keep it up so you actually change your body.

If discipline and motivation are holding you back, we can help!

Our fitness classes (including our Ladies Only Classes) and our personal training sessions all make the most of intensity training.

The fitness training at our gym in Manor Royal is based on Thaiboxing and the Mixed Martial Arts.

It means it’s fun, it’s very different and it’s intense since we’re used to training real fighters who have to be lean and in the best shape of their lives to compete.

Our Ladies Only Fitness classes will have you working in short bursts of intense activity.

You’ll be:

  • Punching and kick the punch bags
  • Hitting focus pads (and hand mitts) with a partner
  • Performing exercises that strengthen and tone your stomach
  • Exercises that shape your shoulders and arms
  • Burn lots of body fat from hips and tummies

We also have a variety of Martial Arts classes which are by their very nature, intensity training.

Our Thaiboxing classes work in 3 minute rounds where you have to give it everything you got as you move around, block, punch, kick, knee and elbow the pads.

Our Boxing classes will put you on the heavy bags, swinging bags and get your working on focus pads (hand mitts).

Plus our Jiu Jitsu class, that’s a different kind of fitness where you work strength and physical conditioning — try it — and you’ll walk out like knowing you’ve given it your all.

You’ll Redefine Fitness Here

We have people who’ve bee training ladies only fitness classes at Virgin, Nuffield and other gyms around Crawley. ¬†We have men who’ve been lifting weights, playing football and going for runs.

But all will agree and tell you, you are going to get pushed to get the most out of each and every intense exercise session here at our gym in Crawley.

If you’d like to find out more about intensity training and our classes give us a call on 01293 552 511 or call in to visit us at our gym in the Manor Royal Industrial Estate, Crawley.