The Simple Secret to Weight Loss Success

One of our great clients has lost several stone — I’ll keep the exact number a secret for her own privacy and because we’re not quite halfway there yet — and is constantly pestered and asked…

“What are you doing to lose the weight?!”

She tells them and they just don’t believe her.

They don’t believe it’s as simple as she tells them.

They think it’s some voodoo, that’s she’s taking some magic pills and there’s something else going on she won’t tell them.

So she tells them again.

And they don’t believe her.

Here’s what she’s doing, this is the simple secret to her weight loss success (remember we’re talking losing several stone, not just a few pounds)!

She’s eating right and she’s training right.

Everyday (with a little discretion at the weekend) she follows a meal plan we give her.  It tells here how many meals to eat and what to eat at each meal.

It’s quite a bit of food and we want to increase it increase the number of calories she’s eating per day (more on that in a minute).

And she’s training.  She’s burning calories at our gym three times a week working one-on-one with our personal trainers.

And boy does she work hard.  Consistently (that’s a big part of the equation) three  times per week while walking fast on her days off.  That all adds up to a lot of calories.

But the exercise wouldn’t work (and here weight loss wouldn’t have been so impressive) if it wasn’t for her discipline and ability to stick to her diet.

She eats the right amount of carbohydrates (they’re not all bad you know).

She eats the right amount of protein.

And she eats the right amount (and right mix) of fats.

There you have it.

That’s what she tells them folk who ask her, her secret.  She eats and she trains.

She does it CONSISTENTLY and gets consistent weight loss.

Hard work.  Discipline and determination.

With a little support and encouragement from us (and the chance to laugh at us too).

The right food.  The right exercise.  And the right mindset (she wants it, bad).

If you need help with your training.  If you need help with your eating.

Then get in touch to find out more about our personal training for weight loss.

You can contact us by filling  in the contact form on this page (it’s in the sidebar) and we’ll give you a call back to discuss your goals and find out if our training is right for you.

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