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By January 22, 2015Weight Loss

Today I spoke to a guy who wanted to get shredded.

His words, not mine.  And while I know our training gets people shredded (… fighters are some of the leanest and, pound for pound strongest athletes on the planet) it’s a weird word to hear on the phone.  A word I associate with the bodybuilding world. But I’m wrong because getting shredded is something we do with all of our fighters and (… if they’re prepared to train right and eat right) something we help many of our members do.

The reason our classes are so popular for getting shredded (… remember his words, not mine) is because our training is tough and our training is intense. Punching, kicking, kneeing and elbowing pads with full intensity, speed, power and force is a tough, tough workout.

By their very nature our classes make the most of intensity and volume, the two biggest factors associated with burning a lot of calories.  You’ll train hard, as physically hard as you can and then there is some downtime in our classes.  Where you hold pads for your partner, move around and try to check their guard, their balance and their positioning.  It’s an active form of rest.

And (… as a gym with active fighters) we incorporate a lot of their training into our regualar classes for folk who want to train recreational too.  Tough strengthening exercises and strength endurance circuits designed to increase your cardiovascular conditioning… which create something called EPOC.  Which is what people mean when they talk about afterburn and how the body can continue to  burn calories for hours even after training.

Interesting, eh?

If you’d like to find out more about our fitness classes, if you’re looking for an exercise class with a BIG difference and get the kind of results you’ve always dreamed of then get in touch!

You can find out more by entering your name and telephone number into an inquiry box on this page or give us a call on 01293 552 511 and we’ll talk through our training programmes here at our gym in Manor Royal, Crawley.


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