The Difference Between Weight Loss and Fat Loss

By October 9, 2014Weight Loss

We’re all completely and utterly obsessed with weight loss.

But what we really need to focus on is Fat Loss.

Or more precisely, a change in our (or your) body composition.

So what does that mean?

It’s easiest explained with an example…

You have a 100kg lady, that’s 220lbs or 15 stone 7 pounds in English speak.

If this lady is 50% body fat then she is 50 percent fat and 50 percent lean mass (that’s muscle, blood, bone, connective tissue and so forth — anything that’s not fat).

If she loses weight then she could lose both lean mass and body fat.

Or she could maintain her lean mass and just lose body fat and look amazing.

With both methods her final weight could be the exact same.

The difference is she could lose weight and still be 50% body fat (a skinny fat person) or she could lose body fat, maintain her lean mass and end up a fitter, stronger, healthier and better looking a whole lot better.

The end result from a numbers perspective (what she sees when she steps on the weighing) are the same BUT the difference will be staggering.

And the key isn’t diet and exercise.

It’s eating and training.

Instead of dieting, learn to eat good, whole, healthy and natural foods.

Instead of randomly exercising start to train with a goal and with a purpose.

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