Our Personal Trainers Get Results

Our personal trainers get real results (our Ruth on the right) using tried and tested training methods.

Our personal training in Crawley offers a unique and highly effective way without the endless monotony of treadmills, stationary bikes and rowers.

Fun, interesting and unique our training is a massive calorie burner and we’ll provide advice, encouragement and motivation every step of the way!

Our Personal Training has helped our clients:

  • Lose weight for wedding days
  • Train to pass fitness tests for the Army, for the Fire Brigade, for the Police and the security industry
  • Helped mum’s get their bodies back
  • We’ve trained professional, international fighters
  • Helped busy professionals and business owners fight stress, stay trim and achieve their fitness goals
  • Enjoy the fun, satisfaction and the feel good factor for regular exercise.

A Huge Calorie Burner

First don’t get caught up in the calorie counting trap – there is more going on when it comes to getting in shape (our personal trainers will help you here).

But trust us – our personal training sessions are a massive calorie burner – and our clients looking to create an energy deficit have burned over 1000 calories in a single session with us.

High quality, affordable training

Our personal training prices are some of the most competitive you’ll find with prices starting from just ¬£25 per hour at our full-time, fully equipped gym in Crawley and we have both male and female personal trainers.

We have pay as you go, block booking and tailored packages designed to help (perfect if you have a 6 week deadline like a wedding, holiday or fitness assessment for work!)

We have help clients lose anything from a few stone to trim up through to getting into single digits in body fat Рliterally as low as you can get.  

Meet us half way and achieve your goals!

We’re serious about your training and want you to get results and change the way you look and feel about your body.

We’ll push, encourage, motivate, train and offer you relevant nutrition tips…

However if you’re really serious you need to meet us half-way by¬†implementing and making the simple changes we recommend so you can really make the most of your training.

From small changes in your diet to moving more on your non-training days – simple changes that will have a massive impact on your results.

Call us on 01293 552 511

You can find out more or book your first session by calling us on 01293 552 511 or by entering your name and telephone number into the enquiry form on this page.

If you do call – remember we like to train people and might not be able to answer so PLEASE leave a message and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!