If you suffer from a lack of flexibility and general tightness then you’re not alone!

Lack of flexibility — in both your muscles and the mobility of your joints — is the cause of many day-to-day aches and pains.  It affects your health and your perform.  Whether that be performing in sport, performing daily activities or working and chasing the children.

Why not treat yourself to full-body Thai Massage?

A traditional healing art, Thai massage is a relaxing therapy that combines deep muscle massage with full body stretching.  Working along your arms, your back, your legs and finishing with a neck and head massage.

Performed on a matted floor the masseuse uses their hands, forearms, knees and feet to press, push, pull and massage your body.

Relax Your Muscles and Stretch Your Body:

  • Our friendly Thai trained masseuse qualified over 7 years ago in Thailand and has been performing massage ever since.
  • Straightens your body and stretches your muscles the massage works your entire body and leaves you feeling relaxed, energised and totally straightened out.
  • Want your massage hard or light?  Your comfort is important and our masseuse will ask how hard or soft you like your massage to be so you can relax and get the most from the experience.
  • Perfect for tired bodies, our atheletes and coaches enjoy weekly Thai massages to revigorate their bodies, relax their muscles and recover from hard physical sessions.
  • Suitable for all ages

What Our Clients Say:

I’m a bit of a skeptic and I’ve not had many massages before.  Nu helped me relax and feel comfortable.  By the end of it I felt much, much better.  More relaxed, my muscles and my joints felt a lot better.  I’d definitely recommend it to help keep your body in check.

Alan, 33 years old

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