If you’re looking for practical skills for self defence you’re welcome to try our classes.

Self-defence is a complicated subject and the most important thing is always to spot, avoid and evade any confrontations.

But if you need to physically defend yourself you need a multitude of skills.

These Self Defence Skills Include:

  • Learning to attack and defend against punches, kicks, knees and elbows.
  • How to break away from grabs and holds.
  • How to hold and control your opponent.
  • What to do if you fall to the ground and how to get back to your feet

These can be boiled down into striking skills and grappling skills and we have classes throughout the week (for mixed adults and ladies only) teaching them.

The techniques MUST work under pressure:

The problem with many older, traditional martial arts is their techniques are practised on a compliant partner.  One who isn’t trying to resist you or fighting back.

Unfortunately that means most techniques will work ‘in theory’ but not in practise.

Our classes teach practical modern martial arts and we have classes that let you practise your new techniques against a real person, trying to resist and fight back.  That doesn’t mean you’ll get hurt… all our classes are supervised and safe… BUT it does mean you can learn to make your new skills work for real.

You need physical fitness:

Self-defence (and that includes running away to escape) requires physical fitness.  You need to be fit enough to survive what is a short but very intense 30 seconds or couple of minutes.

Our classes won’t just teach you techniques you can use for self-defence they’ll build your strength and your fitness.  You’ll be a lot fitter and feel a lot more confident thanks to the extra energy you have from traing.

You need to feel confident:

Unfortunately many attackers are cowards looking for an easy target.  They’re looking for someone who doesn’t pose a physical threat and someone who doesn’t look like they will fight back or give them a hard time.

This is true for adults and it’s true for children at school where bullies prey.

The increased confidence you have from learning these self defence skills (and knowing you are better prepared to look after yourself) combined with your increase fitness and conditioning mean you become less of a target.

It puts attackers looking for an easy target off.

Find our more:

We have classes 7 days a week at our gym in Manor Royal.  And our gym is open throughout the day if you’d like to use our facilities outside of normal class time.

It’s fully equipped with punch bags, focus pads and the floor is matted for grappling and ground work.

To find out more get in touch on 0129.3 552 511 or enter your name and telephone number in the box on the side of this page and we’ll give you a call back.