Listen, you don’t want a personal trainer…

You Want Results!

When most people think about personal training they think about rapid weight loss, losing fat and dropping a clothes size — rightly so — most people are inspired to take up our services because they’re out of shape but unlike most personal trainers we’re not just about giving you a series of near-impossible workouts and leaving you dreading your next workout…

Instead we’re here to help you enjoy your train, improve your diet and bring about changes so you both look good and feeling good again….

And, of course, lose weight!

Now, here’s the catch…

Our Training is Different

We’re a small, family run, gym with a friendly atmosphere so you’re not just another number in a big commercial gym.

And our training is about you, not the equipment

You won’t find endless rows of cardio-machines, and ridiculous vibrating plates.

Instead you’ll find boxing gloves and pads, kettlebells, dumbbells, skipping ropes, weighted bags to lift and throw and medicine balls.

‘Stuff’ that works!

Sure we have two cardio machines but we don’t want to watch you running for 20 minutes while chatting about last nights television, we want to train you and our methods have proven themselves super-effective when it comes to torching body fat and getting you slimmer, fitter and happier with how you feel about yourself again.

And our methods work for lots of people from busy mums looking to get their body back through to professional athletes preparing for international contests.

Lose Several Pounds, Several Stone or Several Inches

We’re all different so the first step in your training is finding out what you’d like to achieve, we want to know your training goals so we can put together an effective training programme

– Do you want to lose a few pounds for a holiday or wedding?
– Maybe a hectic life has meant your weight has ballooned and you want take back control
– Perhaps a fitness test for work is fast approaching, one you need to pass..
– Maybe you just want lose weight and ‘tone up’

Whatever your reasons, we’re professional coaches who earn our living and gain our satisfaction from seeing clients like you get amazing results.

Our Personal Training Packages

Our training is super-affordable and at this moment in time we still allow our clients to pay per session or block book a 5 or 10 week training programme which encompasses both personal training and important diet and nutrition guidelines so you get the results quicker and easier.

The best way to find out more is to enquire via the form below.

We’ll give you a call, talk through what you’d like to achieve and find out if we’re a good match.

If we don’t think our training is for you or vice versa then we can part as friends!

Now one last thing….

You may delay, but time will not” – Benjamin Franklin

We’re all chronic procrastinators, and putting our dreams off until tomorrow can easily become next week, month or worst still next year.  Time flies and the sooner you start the sooner you’ll start to see changes… in just 5 weeks time you will be a different person.

It’s time to take action and it starts by filling in the form below…

See you soon!