Learning new techniques

The kid class, working with a partner on new techniques

Martial arts are a great activity for children because they’re a healthy form of exercise, they teach important life skills (building confidence, teaching self-discipline, respect and focus) and they good fun too.

The martial art we teach is called Muay Thai (or Thaiboxing) and we have kids classes five days a week for children age 4 years and up.

They’re fun, they’re energetic and they’re progressive.

With a long history teaching children (since 1996) we have experience teaching children of all ages and we have many children who have moved from our kids, to the teenage and then the adult classes.

The 4- 11 Year Old Kids in Action

In this clip we have our 4-7 year and the 8-11 year old children sharing the mat.  Every class is different and here (after warming up and learning new techniques) they are moving around the gym.

We have two full-time instructors teaching here with two teenage assistants (who already have over 18 year experience training)!

 Our Older Kids 8-12 Years in Action

Our older kids are from 8-11 plus we have teenage classes too.

Here’s a glimpse of Harvey and Jack working with George and Jack.  Both have been training for a few years now and have sisters in the 4-7 year old class trying to catch them up!

Experienced Instructors & a Fully Equipped Gym

We’re lucky to have some of the best facilities you’ll find in the South East.  Our gym is matted for your child’s safety, we have two training rooms as well as boxing rings and a cafe with a viewing area for parents and siblings.

All of our instructors and assistant instructors are experienced martial artists, actively train and teach and include National, European and World Title holders in Muay Thai.

While we make sure classes are fun, we’ll also make sure your child is getting taught a progressive martial art and can progress into the older ranks or (if they want) join our competition team.

Find Out More About Our Kids Martial Arts Classes

To get started all your child needs is a t-shirt, shorts and a drink.  We have all the equipment they need.

To find out more you can call us on 01293 552 511 or enter your name and telephone number into the enquiry box on this page.