If you’re looking for a gym in Crawley – you’ve got plenty to choose from – the real question is what are you hoping to get from your training and – then – what the best gym for you!

Everyone trains for different reasons – some folk love the gym (in which case you’re probably already a member somewhere) while the rest might hate ‘conventional gyms’ and are looking for a different way to get in shape and keep fit.

Aside from the BIG mainstream gyms in Crawley (think Virgin Active) here are some of the lesser known gyms locally – each with their own unique approach to fitness training.

The Crawley Martial Arts Academy

From Ladies Only to Fighters classes – work through the same routine and exercises as a professional figther and get seriously LEAN!

That’s us – we’re the owners of CrawleyFitness.com because a lot of our members enjoy our Muay Thai (Thaiboxing), Boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes to a regular gym.  They’re physically tough and a great way to get in the best cardiovascular shape of your life.

A proven fitness training method (the gym produces professional fighters) gym members go through the exact same physical routine as the fighters (albeit you don’t have to spar or get hit)!  Plus the exercises used are great for functional fitness – a really good combination of strength and conditioning can be achieved.

A great alternative to the gym – never boring and always challenging – the gym also has a wide range of classes from intense lunch time fitness classes through to ladies only fitness and personal training.

Find out more by visiting the Crawley Martial Arts Academy website.

 The Forest Gym

If strength is your thing you’ll find it hard to find a better gym locally that the Forest Gym located at the Huts in Tilgate Forest.  With a focus on bodybuilding and powerlifting – the gym is home to some of the UKs strongest men and women.

But don’t let that put you off – it’s used by many sports people, athletes and people who just want to train hard in a lesser commercial enviroment where the members are focused on training hard – not gossiping on the treadmills!

You can find out more about the Forest Gym here.