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Crawley Martial Arts Academy: Kids Martial Arts Competition

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Shelly from the Happy Times was on tour to take pictures of our kids in action.

From the youngest kids of 5 years through to teens (with the adults fighting in the evening) the Kids Muay Thai competition gives the Academy’s children a chance to put their skills to the test and progress.

For weeks the children had been preparing.

Working on new techniques, ¬†building their physical strength and fitness (not that they weren’t unfit in the first place!) and seeing for themselves the importance of focus, concentration and self-discipline in martial arts.

While the competition side to our martial art isn’t a necessity it is a great confidence builder and we regularly have smaller, in-house competitions that give our little Champions a chance to practise and get used to the atmosphere without the distractions of a crowd.

During our in-house competitions everyone is a winner, it’s all about effort and attitude with all ages, boys and girls getting involved.

The competition at the Bewbush community centre was a great success with the children competing early afternoon and the adults later that night.

Carried out under the strictest of safety with no head contact allowed for the youngsters who could only punch, kick and knee to a well padded body protector.

This competition took place before the 2012 Olympics which reminded everyone the importance of sport in day to day life, how it brings us together and how it teaches us to push ourselves physically and mentally.

If you’d like to find out more about Kids Martial Arts Classes in Crawley (in particular Muay Thai Kickboxing, a striking system with Eastern roots like Karate and Kung Fu) then visit our children’s martial arts page HERE¬†or visit the Kids page of the Crawley Martial Arts Academy.

We teach classes throughout the week at our fully-equipped, full-time gym in Manor Royal and have recently started to roll out Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (somewhat similar to Judo) this month (March 2013)