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Iske Crowned Ladies Southern Area Muay Thai Champion

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The Lumpini Fight Team based at the Crawley Martial Arts Academy

Jane Iske with her new Southern Area Title Belt

Lumpini Fight Team’s — Jane Iske was crowned the new Southern Area Champion after winning her 5 round title battle in Southampton at the weekend. 

The mixed fight night featured 8 fighters from the Crawley Martial Arts Academy with six Muay Thai fighters, two Grapplers and a White Collar Boxer competing.

Lumpini Crawley's Jane Iske

Lumpini Crawley’s Jane Iske Wins

Jane, 22, from West Green was fighting Lauren Huxley from Swansea for the 62.5kg title. Both technical fighters, Jane looked strong throughout as she mixed up her punches, kicks and clinched well to fire off knees to the body of the Huxley. The young Welsh fighter was clearly looking to land head kicks but Iske’s tight guard and movement meant she was always ready to counter-attack and land her own shots. Jane grew in strength round by round and started to take control with good movement around the ring. Going to the judges score card Jane was unanimously crowned the new Southern Area Title winner.

White Collar Boxer Paul Clark was matched against Mathew Daniel at 80kg. The 21 year old on his third outing for the club has been improving week on week and picked his shots well throughout the contest. Mixing it up with uppercuts and body punches, Paul fought well and listened to his corner winning with another unanimous decision from the judges.

18 year old Oscar Cutter was back in the ring for the first time since April’s Muay Thai Mayhem and beat Swansea’s, Andrew Hill. The classy teenager from Horley put on a well rounded performance as he scored well landing heavy kicks and knees to the body of his opponent. Local girl Falen Burt beat Danielle Whitfield from the Warriors Gym in Kent. The three round fight went the distance with Falen wining the well matched contest on points while Matt White fought George Smith from the same gym, losing on points.

Pound Hill’s George Beach fought Bournemouth’s Tommy Barlow for the 72kg Southern Area title. The 18 year who studies at Crawley Collage had been training hard in preparation for the title bout and fought well against the strong Barlow losing on points after five rounds.
Sam Hewitt, a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Northgate and wrestler Ali Carter who grapple at the Crawley Martial Arts Academy were both fighting 2 x 4 minute contests. Matched against a black belt from London, Sam lost on a referee’s decision in what was a very close fight while Ali squared up to Nik Jones from Southampton losing on another close decision.

All the fighters will be back in action for the Ringmasters Tournament in Kent this month competing under Thaiboxing and MMA rules and on the gym’s own “WBC Muay Thai Mayhem” event at the Effingham Park Hotel on the 2nd November.

If you’d like to find out more about training at the Crawley Martial Arts Academy or fighting for their Lumpini Fight Team then call the gym on 01293 552 511.

Harvey White – The Next Lumpini Crawley Superstar?!

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This is cool little clip of 10 year old Superstar Harvey White.  He’s been training at the Crawley Martial Arts Academy for around 6 years now and has moved from being a part of the class to a part of our Lumpini Crawley fight team.

But not only does Harvey star in the video, he’s the editor and producer as well!

Here’s a clip of Harvey training with one of our instructors and fellow Lumpini Crawley fighter — Paulo Da Silva — who’s been training Harvey for most of his time here at the gym.

Of course not everyone who trains at the club fights, most of our adults and kids martial artists train for fun, to learn a new skill and keep fit.

Our gym is open 7 days a week with kids classes Monday – Saturday for children aged 4 and up.  The best way to find out about our classes is to call in a watch one in action or call us on 01293 552 511 and speak to one of our martial art instructors.

NEWS: 15year old Liam Lambourne fights for the UK in Turkey

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Crawley Teenager Liam Lambourne of Crawley Martial Arts Academy

Local martial artist Liam Lambourne in Turkey at the IFMAA games

Teenage Martial Artist and future sports star — Liam Lambourne — travelled to Turkey to represent the UK at the International Federation of Muay Thai Juniors  last month

The 15 year old graduate of our kids martial arts classes who lives in East Grinstead and trains at the Crawley Martial Arts Academy, travels to the Manor Royal Gym 5 times a week to rack up the hours and make sure he’s at the top of his game for the international squads trip to compete on the world stage.

Liam qualified for the UK team last Summer after he was required to travel up and compete on an almost monthly basis.

Liam with his Turkish Opponent

15 year old Liam with his Turkish opponent

For each bout Liam fought he was awarded points based on his performance, whether he won or drew and he scored well enough to make the team and win his place in the 2013 IFMAA Junior Competition.

Travelling to Turkey with the UK team, his dad and John Jarvis, the head coach at Crawley Martial Arts Academy.

Fighting in the 15-17 year old category, Liam was one of the youngest in the group and lost his first fight to a stronger, older 17 year old Turkish opponent.  The fight was under full Muay Thai rules which allowed knees and elbows to the head in addition to punches and kicks.

Fortunately for Liam all is not lost.

The travel to Turkey only adds to his experience and at only 15 years of age he can come back to fight in the same competition and fight in the same age group for another 2 years by which time he’ll have grown in stature, strength and experience.

We’ve high hopes and it’s good to see him back in training for his next outing this weekend in Manchester.

Good luck Liam!

If you’d like to find out about getting your child started in martial arts for fun, for confidence, self-discipline or for sporting competition  you can find out more by calling the Crawley Fitness & Martial Arts Academy on 01293 552 511 or enter your name and email address in the box on this page.





Golds and Silvers for Crawley’s BJJ Team

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Gold medalist George (centre) and Silver Medalist Josh (left) win Crawley's BJJ Team their first medals of the day

Gold medalist George (centre) and Silver Medalist Josh (left)

Crawley Martial Arts Academy’s Jiu Jitsu team were out in full force competing in London last weekend.

The team of eight grapplers, fighting for the first time this year, were travelling with high-hopes after weeks of intensive training under head-coach Keith McKenzie.

For several weeks the team had been training specifically for the competition, working on their technique while working on their strength and conditioning at the Manor Royal based gym.

With the preparation done they travelled up quietly confident and brought back 3 Gold and 3 Silver Medals to the clubs growing trophy cabinet where only last week local fighter Ruth Ashdown placed her new WBC International Muay Thai Title.

15 year olds George Kolarov and Josh Stapleton fighting in the same weight division were first on the mat and both winning with chokes.  The two later met face to face in the Teenage Final with George winning by submission and Crawley taking home their first Gold and Silver medal of the day.

Next up were the lightweights with Konrad and Ollie West taking center stage.

The biggest of the weight categories both won their first fights convincingly before losing out in the second round to tough opponents.

Johnny Blyth in the 76kg division found well losing out in the later rounds.  Entering the Absolute Division he found his second wind winning three fights back to back by submission.  Coming up against a tough, heavier opponent in the semi-finals Johnny lost by submission, taking home the Bronze Medal.  In the same Absolute Division, Crawley’s BJJ Team fighter Vasco Santos winning the Silver medal.

Heavyweight Lee taking home the Gold Medal for the Crawley Martial Arts Academy

Heavyweight Lee taking home the Gold Medal for the Crawley Martial Arts Academy

In the 88kg competition Alan Sawyer and Chris Singers met each other in the final.  Both had won their previous fights by submission.   All was tied in the up until the last few seconds before Chris made a last gasp effort to take the Gold on points.

Star of the day had to be Lee Wilderspin who in the build up to the fight had been master a new fight strategy.

The biggest fighter on the team Lee executed his fight plan to perfection.  Taking his opponents down and controlling them on the ground before submitting both his opponents with arm locks.

With the team on the up and up, and the level increasing the Crawley Martial Arts Academy has growing team of experience White Belts, Blue Belts and Purple Belts.  Led by Black Belt and 2x European Champion, Keith McKenzie, there has never been a better time to get started.

If you’d like to find out more about learning with Crawley’s BJJ Team — for fun, for fitness or for self-defence and competition — give us a call on 01293 552 511 or enter your name and email address on the box on this page.

Recently we’ve also added Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) to our weekly kids martial arts classes starting from age 11+.


Crawley Personal Trainer — Ruth Ashdown — is this the toughest woman in Britain?

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With over 40 fights under her belt and two world titles around her waist, personal trainer and fitness expert, Ruth Ashdown travels to Liverpool this weekend to fight for the WBC Super Flyweight International Title against Kate Stables.

The 29 year old teaches Thaiboxing, runs fitness classes and offers personal training in Crawley and her home town of Haywards Heath and started fighting 8 years after working as a photographer on local shows.

Ruth who featured in the Metro Newspaper “Is this the Toughest Woman in Britain?” fights our of the Crawley Martial Arts Academy and — when she’s not training hard for a fight — offers personal training to local men and women who want to get fighting fit without stepping into the ring.

Personal Training and Thaiboxer Ruth Ashdown Thaiboxer and Personal Trainer Ruth Ashdown

An off-duty Ruth and with her international Thaiboxing Titles

With personal experience getting into fighting shape for up-and-coming fights and helping other women master the art of Muay Thai, Ruth is perfectly placed to help people who are serious about losing weight and getting back in great shape.

And, as a lady and a fighter, understands how other women feel about getting in shape, toning up and enjoying your training.

A tough taskmaster Ruth has hone her skills when it comes to creating a fun and friendly feel in classes AND at the same time pushing, encouraging and motivating ‘her girls’ to push themselves and see a real difference in both how they look and how they feel about themselves.

If you’d like to find out more about  fitness classes and training with, Crawley Personal Trainer, Ruth Ashdown you can contact her on 01293 552 511 or enter you name and email address in the box on this page.