It doesn’t matter who you are.

Your age, your sex, your job or how many children you have.

We all feel great when we’re eating well and exercising regularly.

And therin lies the problem.  Eating well and exercising regularly.

We all know we should be doing it but sometimes life gets in the way…

… another week, month or year passes and another pound goes on the belly.

That’s where our 6 week weight loss, diet & nutrition programme comes into play.  A tailor made programme designed to give you the motivation, the encouragement and the support to achieve the goals you want to achieve.

Its perfect for busy mums

Having a family is tough.  Combining sleep deprivation with putting the children first takes it toll.  Our programme is a great way to devote some time to you and your health.

Great for self-employed

Running your own business mean putting clients and customers first.  Taking the time to exercise and eat well can become something of a luxuary.  Our flexible programme can be tailored to suit your hours and get you back in shape.

Got a Weight Loss Emergency?!

Got a holiday or wedding planned?  Looking for a quick way to lose weight and look good?  Our combination of personal training, nutrition advice and daily support is a great solution!