Hitting the bags during a boxing class

Working on the punch bags during a boxing class

A great way to get fit and one of the most exciting sports on the planet, it’s no surprise that boxing is so popular.

Whether you want to train for fitness, to lose weight, to fight or to complement your existing training (many MMA fighters sharpen their punching with boxing lessons) and because you get bored with the gym… our classes are perfect.

We have classes three days per week plus ‘open gym‘ facilities where members can use our gym during the day to work on the bags, use the weights and our gym equipment.

Fully Equipped Boxing Gym

Our Manor Royal gym in Crawley is professionally run and open 7 days per week for training.

Inside the gym you’ll find:

  • Two 17ft boxing rings
  • Range of punch bags, heavy bags and uppercut bags
  • Matted space for circuit training, ground work and floor exercises
  • Functional fitness equipment (chin up bars, TRX system, tyres, sledgehammers and more)
  • Slam balls, medicine balls and Tornado ball
  • Pads and gloves (although we strongly recommend you bring your own gloves)
  • Changing facilities, showers and parking

Boxing Classes for Fitness and Fighters

Jerome boxing in Bournemouth

Jerome boxing in Bournemouth

While most of our members train for fitness our boxers make up part of our Lumpini Crawley Fight team and travel to compete on events around the UK.

Plus we have our own boxing and fight night shows throughout the year which gives anyone interested in fighting… a change to get in the ring and showcase their skills.

If fighting is something you’re interested in then let us know and (more importantly) show us by training hard and training regularly.

How to Get Started…

The best way to find out if our boxing classes are for you is to call by and visit us at the gym.  We’ll show you around, talk through our timetable and can see how we can help you achieve your fitness, training and fighting goals.

Getting started is simple.  All you have to do is arrange a time with us to come along and join in one of our lessons.  Wear loose fitting clothing (ideally shorts and a t-shirt), clean, non-marking trainers (or boxing boots if you have them) and bring a drink.

We have gloves you can borrow for your first few lessons but for hygiene reasons recommend you buy your own as soon as you can.

You can get in touch by calling our team of trainers on 01293 552 511 or by entering your name and telephone number in the box on this page and we’ll give you a call back.

See you in the gym!