Boxing Classes in Crawley

If you’re looking for a great way to get very-very fit, looking for something that’s fun, interesting and useful (… boxing is a very practical self-defence) then our boxing classes are a great alternative to “normal” gyms.

A tough, one-hour class you’ll learn new techniques with a partner, hit pads and move around on the punch-bags before being put through your paces with a thorough calisthenics workout.

During our boxing classes you’ll:

  • Learn how to punch with precision, speed and power
  • Build all-round fitness and athleticism
  • Learn proper boxing technique
  • How to duck, slip and defend yourself against punches
  • Improve you balance, co-ordination with slick, boxing footwork
  • Burn 500+ calories during a tough, workout and develop excellent cardio-fitness
  • Practice and test your techniques during technical sparring (optional)

Our classes are open to all ages and abilities; so even if you’ve never done a days training you’re welcome to start here, with us.

Watch a Boxing Class in Action