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We’re NOT Your Average Gym…

In fact we’re unashamedly different — our background in martial arts and combat sports means you’ll get in a great shape AND learn something new and interesting too.

So if you’re like our members and want to get in shape but weight training and treadmills aren’t for you our gym might be the perfect solution.

You’ll get super-fit with not a treadmill in sight…

Learn a new skill (something to show your friends and tell the Grand kids about)…

Have a laugh training and get to meet like-minded people…

Be pushed, motivated and encouraged to get the most out of your training session…

Burn a ton of calories and get in the best shape of your life…

If that sounds like you then get in touch because we’ve a wide range of fitness and martial arts classes for all levels of fitness and ability.

Meet Paul

He lost 19kg (that’s almost 3 stone!) with us

Our “Magic Weight Loss” Solution

With over 20 years in the fitness industry we’ve been helping people from all walks of life, often with little or no experience get fit through martial arts.

While we all have our own reasons for training (to play with the kids, lose weight, improve our confidence, more dates, going on holiday, getting married) we’re all happier when we’re healthier, looking and feeling good.

Not Our Only Success Story

A couple of years ago, father of one, Paul started our Muay Thai class. With consistent training (not going crazy or becoming a gym-a-holic living on chicken and broccoli) he went on to lose just shy of 3 stone (19kg) and even became a fighter for our Lumpini Thaiboxing Team.

It’s not just Paul who lost a lot of weight. He’s just the only one brave enough to share his pictures.

Jac lost over 8 stone (personal training).

Joe lost over 6 stone (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) and Ryan lost 2 stone (boxing).

They’re the tip of the ice-berg and the secret to all their successes was doing something they enjoyed!

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Ladies Only Classes


A one hour class where you’ll learn new techniques before putting you skills to the test — punching and kicking pads and bags. An excellent cardio-class that works your upper and lower body.

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Fitness Classes

Bootcamp and Fitness Classes

High-intensity, fast paced fitness classes for the biggest calorie-burn for your buck. A great total-body workout, suitable for all fitness levels.

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Kids Martial Arts Classes

Kids martial arts classes

Great for confidence, co-ordination, self-discipline and keeping kids active – our kids martial arts classes are creating the next generation of champions!

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Muay Thai Classes

Muay Thai Classes at Crawley Martial Arts Academy

Learn to punch, kick, knee and elbow with one of the worlds toughest and most effective martial arts.

Train with one of the UK’s most established Muay Thai gyms.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes in Crawley

The experts on the ground – learn to throw, take-down, control and submit your opponent.

An effective fighting system, great way to get fit and awesome martial art.

About BJJ Classes


Lumpini Boxing Crawley

If you’ve thought about starting boxing (but never got around to it) now’s the our classes are open to all ages and ability.

Learn the “sweet science” and get in the best shape of your life!

About Boxing

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Winning Muay Thai World Titles in Japan

The Only Gym in the Area Where You Can Train with Real World Champions

This summer instructor, Crawley’s Paulo Da Silva, added a fourth world title belt to his collection winning via knock-out in Sapporo, Japan against a formidable Japanese opponent for the ISKA world title.

That’s not to boast or brag; it’s to show we take the quality of our instructors and the quality of your training serious.

When you train with us – you’ll be standing shoulder to shoulder and training alongside – World, European and British Champions who’re there to help you realise your potential.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight and get in fighting shape – even if you don’t want to be a fighter – train for a holiday or a wedding or have aspirations to step inside the competitive arena – we’re can and are ready to help.

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Everything You Need to Excel and Achieve Your Goals

Clean and well equipped – our 5,000 sq. ft. gym – has everything you need to excel and achieve your goals.

With free parking, showers, changing facilities, a coffee shop (with a viewing area), weights, punch bags, pads, kettlebells, a matted floor for safety and a lot more – our gym is one of the nicest and best gyms of it’s type in the country.

Open 7 days a week with over 40 classes per week, open gym time and personal training sessions to keep our members busy!

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